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So, a "professional event-planning company" called the Workshop has been hired by the Pioneer Square Community Association to develop security and management for next year's Mardi Gras celebrations. Much as we admire their resilience, frankly, we're flabbergasted the neighborhood's even planning on holding any kind of Fat Tuesday celebration at all in the wake of the mayhem, destruction, and total disregard for human life that marked last year's so-called "festivities." Let's just say we wouldn't attend the event next year for all the plastic beads in China, or wherever they make those things the girls all flash their boobies for. . . . Speaking of destruction and mayhem, local sad-rock royalty Carissa's Wierd showed a far less sensitive side last Saturday night at Graceland when they announced that this would be the band's final show, as drummer Ben had fallen in love with a girl and San Diego and would be leaving the band to join the object of his affection in her hometown. Apparently, this news called for the wanton smashing of the band's equipment (which some members managed more successfully than others) and much attendant chaos. This is all secondhand information, as DOON was enjoying a rather more quiet weekend in sunny San Francisco, where we just happened to read revered rock critic Greil Marcus' praise of the band's appearance on a just released Home Alive compilation, much to our (soon to be deflated) delight. Honestly, if that was indeed CW's last appearance, it couldn't have come at a more inopportune time—it seemed the rest of the world was just beginning to take notice of one of our most lovely, accomplished (and, until now, best-kept) secrets. . . . A lack of flying instrument bits didn't keep us away from Graceland's Friday show, though the early, all-ages factor and the fact that the appearance of (International) Noise Conspiracy, Rival Schools, Hives, and One Time Angel was sold out by the time middle school

let out probably did. A DOONer was able to slip inside, but, owing to all the 13-year-olds in their Hot Topic riot gear and the merch tables that were set up like roadblocks all over the damn place, only stayed long enough to check out Sweden's Hives. One thing's for sure: They've got some damn good garages over in that part of the world. And another thing—we'd give our front teeth to see frontman Howlin' Pelle Almqvist beat the crap out of Julian Casablancas. Holy Mick Jagger, that kid can rock. . . . While Carissa's gone not so softly into that good night, a number of bands we thought we'd never (and we mean never) see again have called it unquits. First off: Soul Asylum. Those of you who believe a dalliance with Winona truly is the creative kiss of death are only half right—while poor, dirty-haired Dave Pirner may as well have been six feet under the past few years for all we knew, the Minneapolis foursome, having just celebrated their 20th (!) anniversary with a special hometown show, are now hard at work on a new album. You may remember that after the success of Grave Dancer's Union and Let Your Dim Light Shine, 1998's Candy From a Stranger hit like a brick souffl鬠swiftly sinking to the bottom of the media barrel and saving the band the bother of fulfilling their Columbia Records contract. Now, Pirner's recorded a solo album, set for release sometime in 2002, and a reunited SA have put together five new songs that are, as of press time, without a label to call home but will likely see the light of distribution sooner rather than later. Reunion number two: Their appetite for destruction still not sated, Guns n' Roses are indeed scheduled to return to the stage for two New Year's concerts at the Hard Rock Cafe in Las Vegas. We're sure Axl's still the same difficult, cranky, and goddamn talented asshole he's always been, though there is, ahem, more of him to love (those

skinny, slithery hips have been obscured by some serious Krispy Kreme runs). Just as long as GnR don't waste too much time harping on "new material," this could be the place to be Dec. 29-30. (Trivia bit: Did you know Axl Rose is an anagram for oral sex? We're always the last to know.) Last but certainly not least: If you're rolling in cash or work for a major airline and you loved Mission of Burma, you're in luck. The legendary Boston undergrounders are reuniting briefly for three shows: one each in New York and Boston in January, and a final appearance at the All Tomorrow's Parties festival in the U.K. in April. Start saving your allowance, kids. . . . Fittingly for a band who always sound so deliciously underwater, Sigur Ros have begun recording their follow-up to the acclaimed Agaetis Byrjun at a converted swimming pool complex in their native Iceland. . . . Mercury Rev are set to release the new single "Dark is Rising" with an interesting bonus: The track will be released alongside a number of live covers—culled from artists as diverse as Frederic Chopin, Irving Berlin, and Black Sabbath. Fun!

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