News Clips— Valued/Worthless



County Executive Ron Sims is actually campaigning to be appointed head of the Sound Transit board. He plans to debate his opponents if they'll agree to come out of hiding before the election.

Green River murder suspect Gary Ridgway was already unpopular—now county officials will raise taxes to prosecute his case. This setback could cost him the coveted "Favorite Serial Killer" slot on Evening Magazine's "Best of the Northwest" contest.

Lucky consumers now have access to XM satellite radio for the low cost of a $400 receiver. Analysts say consumers are simply tired of getting free radio signals via the airwaves.

An amphibious "Duck" tour boat sank in Lake Union last weekend. No tourists were injured, although several dozen of those annoying duck calls were mercifully sent to Davy Jones Locker.

The good news: Seattle Opera and Pacific Northwest Ballet now have a temporary home to move into during the Opera House renovation. The bad news: It's still a hockey arena.

University of Washington docs are in hot water for repeatedly leaving surgical instruments inside patients. The UW has generously offered to let patients sell the leftover tools for scrap, but some soreheads are still suing.

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