News Clips— Blessed/Cursed



Gov. Gary Locke threatens revenge on lawmakers who won't vote for his transportation tax package. And Gary's just the guy to do it, as long as hard-core payback doesn't require taking any political risks.

Courtney Love is "irrational, mercurial, self-centered, unmanageable, inconsistent, and unpredictable" in her professional dealings, claim the former members of Nirvana, her late husband's band. Sounds like they're describing her personal life, too.

Peter Steinbrueck was chosen by his colleagues to serve as Seattle City Council president. It seems there was a last-minute groundswell of support for longer meetings and more run-on sentences.

The redistricting commission didn't finish carving the state into nine congressional districts and saw their task handed over to the state Supreme Court. The justices may not do any better, but at least they're professionals at arguing.

The gambling industry could benefit if state lawmakers loosen gaming laws to reap tax revenues. Angry Republicans say they'll bet anything they can bottle up the legislation in committee.

Nature lovers will suffer when King County temporarily closes 44 parks, locking bathrooms and removing trash cans. The parks will probably still be usable—you'll just have to watch your step.

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