Rewind 2001

Twelve months in ten stories.

1. The day the music died

What did Sept. 11 do? by Laura Learmonth

2. So long Napster

We barely knew ye. by Mark Driver

3. Things stay the same

No news is good news for KEXP. by Paul Fontana

4. The next big thing

Would it be the White Stripes? The Strokes? by Laura Learmonth

5. Those who will be missed

Three deaths that left a hole in the music world. by Leah Greenblatt

6. Making a difference

What rock did to politics. by James Bush

7. O Brother!

What a year it's been for bluegrass. by Audrey Van Buskirk

8. Hi and goodbye

More clubs left than began, but the news isn't all bad. by Laura Learmonth

9. Shuffling the deck

Jittery record labels drop stars, purge creatives. by Leah Greenblatt

10. Smells like . . .

The 10th anniversary of Nevermind. by Chris Nelson

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