News Clips— Upright/Dizzy



Adult video fans still have a reason to visit Federal Way after officials gave two sex-oriented video stores a three-year zoning reprieve. Federal Way's case collapsed when it was unable to prove it had a zoning code.

Naysayer Rob McKenna lost his Sound Transit board seat. System backers apparently rejected the argument that the 49 percent of the regional population with doubts about light rail deserve representation.

Airline passengers concerned by the arrest of a terrorist with a bomb in his shoe approve of pre-boarding footwear checks. This replaces the former system of asking passengers: "Hey, you don't have a bomb in your shoe, do you?"

Jim Diers fans are bummed over the popular Department of Neighborhoods director's firing. Mayor Greg Nickels replies with a grin: "There's only room in my administration for one guy who smiles all the time for no apparent reason."

Billionaire Bill Gates recently sold $2.6 billion of his Microsoft stock. He told investors it was no big deal; he merely plans to build an addition on his house.

Oregon prison officials looked dumb after a convicted rapist shrink-wrapped himself and escaped in a delivery truck. Fortunately, the still shrink-wrapped inmate was later discovered on sale in the action figure section of the local Toys R Us.

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