News Clips— Bullish/Sheepish



Those Wazzu Cougars did themselves proud with a bowl win over Purdue, a top-10 year-end ranking, and a 10-2 season mark. The only thing they're missing now is an Apple Cup.

Qwest customers seeking to protect their private account information by calling an opt-out number discovered the line isn't answered on weekends. Qwest's next move: imposing a per-minute charge.

It's party time for moles now that the state's anti-trapping Initiative 713 has been ruled to protect them from both traps and poison. Marymoor Park's thriving mole population has apparently given up living underground and is roaming the park taunting maintenance workers.

Two Star Wars fans are camping out until May in order to be the first to see the second episode of the current trilogy. Unless the theater has a shower, we'll bet the other viewers give them a wide berth come opening night.

Trent Dilfer is now 4-0 as the Seahawks starting quarterback, after going undefeated last year in his starts with Baltimore. Impressive numbers, it seems, unless your name is Holmgren.

Even as the area's auto theft problem was bringing calls for tougher penalties, seven Federal Way teens were arrested for running a Jeep theft ring. OK, kids, consider yourselves all grounded.

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