News Clips— Survivors/Victims



President George W. Bush damn near choked on a pretzel while watching an NFL playoff game at home. Makes you proud we elected a real American, huh?

The state Department of Transportation recently nominated the Alaskan Way Viaduct as a potential historic structure. Can similar recognition for Interstate 405 be far behind?

Anti-spam crusader Bennett Haselton has won four $500 judgments from companies that violated Washington's junk e-mail law. On the downside, this means he's unlikely to get rich running a home business or significantly enlarge his penis.

Some 124 Experience Music Project employees got the ax for budget-related reasons last week. Quips billionaire founder/funder Paul Allen: "What, do you think I'm made of money?"

Federal Judge Frederick Motz foiled another Microsoft antitrust suit settlement when he rejected language allowing the software giant to place its products in U.S. schools. Microsoft lawyers countered with a second draft giving the company absolute control of Congress.

A bank-robbery suspect was captured after giving tellers a note with his girlfriend's name and phone number written on the back. A plea for help, or just an effort to get on TV's America's Dumbest Criminals?

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