News Clips— Swimmers/Sinkers



A new British study shows that from one to three drinks a day wards off Alzheimer's and other dementia. Six a day wards off everything else.

The Olympic flame went out at least once during the Northwest leg of the torch relay for next week's Salt Lake City Winter Games. Doesn't that mean they have to start over?

A citizens' oversight panel has found "evidence of a new fiscal restraint" at Sound Transit. Evidently there's been a marked decrease in credit-card expenditures for bookies and hookers.

Gov. Gary Locke says he'll donate $2,000 in Enron campaign contributions to the bankrupt company's beleaguered former employees, if he can figure out how to contact them. Former Enron Olympia lobbyist Mark Greenberg said, "I'll take it."

The Sonics' Gary Payton dished off his greatest assist ever, donating a record $3 million to alma mater Oregon State University for a new basketball practice facility. Once again, nothing but net.

Following massive customer complaints, Qwest won't be sharing customers' personal info with outside marketers after all. Instead, the phone giant is going to repeatedly call you at home during dinner to see if it can sell you more exciting new features.

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