Oscar's II Restaurant picked up $675,000 when it settled its lawsuit about the use of undercover cops in drug sales at the business. Does this mean Seattle cops will no longer dress as waiters and serve crack?

Turns out that Tim Eyman paid himself all along for consulting work on his initiative campaigns. Somebody should have noticed his for-profit corporation called "Personal Payoff, Inc."

In the wake of the Enron debacle, manufacturers of paper shredders are anticipating a surge in sales. Manufacturers won't be selling actual shredders, however; they'll sell shredder options.

A state lawmaker wants to rename a stretch of state Highway 99 now named after Confederate leader Jefferson Davis, arguing that it's inappropriate to honor past Americans who fought to create an independent country where slavery was legal. Next on the list: Washington state itself.

City Council President Peter Steinbrueck wants to build another downtown hygiene center with a just discovered $800,000. Other council members disagree, pointing out that the city needs the money itself because it's about to take a bath.

ZymoGenetics, a Seattle biotech company, raised only $120 million of the $200 million company officials had hoped to get from the IPO last week. Fortunately, the City Council will pick up the extra cost.

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