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I read Erica C. Barnett's article "Hold the Waffles," Feb. 7 [about the government ban on hemp foods] and wanted to shout, fight, and roll my eyes. This is ridiculous that in our "home of the free" we are not allowed to have harmless products. Why is it OK with the government for us to ingest and use all sorts of cancer-causing chemicals but [not] a natural plant product? I'm outraged that companies producing hemp foods may be put out of business because the U.S. government thinks it can decide what's good for us. No one is getting high off hemp, so what's the motive? Is this another dumb money-wasting idea [in] the war on drugs? I applaud Kenex Ltd. of Canada for their intention to sue the U.S. under the North American Free Trade Agreement, and I hope they win. Has anyone else noticed that U.S. laws related to freedom and harmless products are going backward? Thank you for getting the word out. It's time for us to take a stand. Ignore your rights, and they will go away.

Tasha Haley



Laurie Anderson is MESMERIZING!!! She creates such a tight ring of "quietness" around her, captivating the audience [and] drawing them into her as if one can truly sense her depth of happiness or despair ["Laurie Anderson's Happiness," Feb. 14].

Fortunately, I was able to attend her performance at the Moore Theatre on Saturday evening. [With] young and old in attendance, she landed on topics of interest that all were capable of [relating to].

This was my first glance at Anderson up close and oh so personal. I will definitely see her again if [given] the opportunity.

Your article was very well written and totally depicts the "Anderson" we all know and love. My hat's off to you for such an excellent read!

Cynthia Nicholson

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Mr. Downey ends his science column ["Back Talk," Feb. 7]: "But until [alternative medicine] practitioners are willing to square their theories with, at a bare minimum, the laws of physics, I , for one, am going to be leery of putting my life in their hands."

To this I say, Bravo! In today's culture, simply insisting on scientific evidence has become almost a heroic act. This in itself is somewhat frightening. In spite of this, Mr. Downey has courageously told the truth. We need more people like him.

Jim Cina

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