This week scientists announced the successful cloning of a kitten. The copy cat has entirely different markings from its original, much like the world's first cloned humans, local weathermen Jeff Renner and Steve Poole.

Olympic officials awarded a gold medal to Canadian pairs figure skaters after controversy surrounding the event's judges. Officials hope to avoid judging controversies in the future by adding a new medal: the brownnose.

A new study claims that people who sleep only six or seven hours a night live longer than people who snooze eight hours. With enough coffee, scientists added, you'll never sleep and will live forever, but you won't remember a bit of it.

Sound Transit announced that it has narrowed to two the options for light-rail lines north to the University District. One will follow the floor of Lake Union, and the other will go through Bellevue, Kirkland, Montana, northern Alberta, the polar ice cap, and Ballard.

The state Senate voted to overturn an anti-trapping initiative because it has led to an epidemic of moles. In a tearful press conference before the vote, the initiative's sponsoring mole admitted that he had, in fact, gained personally from its passage.

Federal officials decided last week to make Yucca Mountain, Nev., the nation's sole storage site for high-level nuclear waste. The repository will also be the site of the George W. Bush Presidential Library.

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