Who Said It?

"The staffing level 'fluctuates based on intelligence.'"

a) State Sen. James West, R-Spokane, defending his proposal to provide fewer teachers to local school districts where students perform poorly on standardized WASL tests.

b) A senior Bush administration official describing how the White House is determining how many people should make up a secret federal "shadow government" activated as a backup in case of a terrorist attack on Washington, D.C.

c) University of Oregon head football coach Mike Bellotti bemoaning the inability of Pac-10 teams like the University of Washington to field full football teams next season due to academic ineligibility.

d) Gen. Tommy Frank, directing the War on Terrorism, discussing how the Joint Chiefs of Staff determine the number of soldiers to be divided among Georgia, Yemen, Colombia, South Korea, Bosnia, the Philippines, and Afghanistan.

Answer: b

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