Seeing as the offices of the Weekly are located in Seattle's Couch District—the area laden with furniture stores along the waterfront that will never, never be called West Edge, no matter how many stupid-ass signs they put up—it is only natural that we here at the Weekly are fascinated by (if not obsessed with) the couch. Rich with meaning and eternally mute (except, perhaps, for some springs-borne, indecipherable muttering), the couch longs to say so much—and we say, let the muffling of the couch end! Let it end here, in these pages, in which we give it a voice; and that voice is COUCH.

Couch: History, philosophy, essence. by Mark D. Fefer

Couch: A choose-your-own adventure. by Paul Hughes

Couch: Our sofa stories. by Seattle Weekly staff

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