Who Said It?

"This is unacceptable."

a) The pilot of the airship Hindenburg, upon noticing an acrid smell coming from the ship's kitchen.

b) Mariner Ichiro Suzuki, during a recent pregame meal, upon discovering that his puffer fish had been prepared incorrectly.

c) Washington state Sen. Don Benton, R-Versailles, in a letter co-signed by 35 of his 49 colleagues, objecting to the temporary loss of exclusive Senate dining privileges, including their own French chef.

d) Gen. George A. Custer, to a trusted aide in his 7th Cavalry, upon surveying the mess tent situation at the Little Bighorn River.

e) President George Herbert Walker Bush, at a state dinner in Panama City in November 1989, upon being served the prized national cuisine, broccoli flambé® 

Answer: c

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