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He's certainly unwashed enough: It seems Ryan Adams is practically angling for honorary membership in the Strokes. The gifted, yet snarky, performer closed out a U.K. tour April 10 with the band's "Last Nite" and actually went ahead and recorded their "Is This It" on a four-track, which Strokes guitarist Albert Hammond Jr. has gone on record saying he is "dying" to hear. Adams has also got a little Oasis bug up his butt it seems, covering both "Wonderwall" and "Morning Glory"—the latter with surprise guest Noel Gallagher in the flesh—on the tour. He'll be stateside again soon, and on the road reportedly by May with another famous friend: Alanis "who needs songwriting when I've got my therapy transcripts?" Morissette. . . . Speaking of Oasis, the brothers with no concept of inner monologue are at it again, making quite a stink over the sorry state of current rock 'n' roll. Says Liam, according to NME: "There doesn't seem to be any angry music out there at the moment, and it boggles me because life's still shit, doesn't matter how much money you've got in the bank." Liam went on to add that the only reason the Strokes made a video in black and white is because "they look like a bunch of spotty little idiots in colour" (not strictly true, but it helped), called Starsailor "miserable moaners" (yeah, pretty much), and said of the Hives, "They remind me of the Monkees" (we object!). The only band to escape his wrath was Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, who will be supporting Oasis this summer at several European shows. Some have applauded Liam for his ballsy outspokenness, while other more cynical types are a leetle suspicious of the rant's timing, seeing as how Oasis are set to release a new record any minute now. . . . And to come full circle, we return to Adams, a man with more friends than he knows what to do with, apparently. He'll be guesting on the upcoming July release of

buddy Beth Orton's latest, Daybreaker, along with the Chemical Brothers and former Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr. Orton is slated to tour the U.S. in May and June. . . . It was a weekend of much rock here in Seattle, with even Friday's blustery monsoon weather—a Blockbuster night if ever we saw one—not keeping the kids away. While we were soon overwhelmed at Graceland's . . . And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead show by the dreaded Bumbershoot Syndrome— in which a tightly packed mass of bodies at an entertainment venue makes us want to both cattle prod our way right out of there and spontaneously lose all bladder control—we escaped to what we thought would be the sweet relief of a comfortably halfway-full 764-HERO/ Pretty Girls Make Graves record release party at Chop Suey, seeing as how . . . AYWKUBTTOD were sure to draw all the hipsters in town and then some. How wrong we were! 764 was likewise sold out, though the pull of hearing John Atkins and band debuting new material alongside the golden oldies was more than we could resist. If you haven't got it yet, go out and buy the new record, Nobody Knows This Is Everywhere. It's a slow grower, but well worth it. . . . And on, of course, to Sunday night's Sub Pop anniversary party at the Crocodile, in which a not-so-secret surprise bill consisting of Hot Hot Heat, Rosie Thomas, the Shins, and Mudhoney played for fans, employees, and local rock cognoscenti like Ken Stringfellow, Scott McCaughey, producer Phil Ek, and the newly acquitted Peter Buck. The stage hardly got a breather, what with Hot Hot Heat proving it is possible for Canadians to rock, Rosie doing both her comedy shtick and her songs, Mudhoney sticking primarily to new stuff and oddball covers, and a well-fortified Shins member exposing a private area of himself located a fair distance above his band's titular

body part—which we will excuse, seeing as how the guys were on their third show in three days, and we got to hear some new material. . . . Speaking of things NC-17, we are fervently hoping that rumors of a lusty love affair between Dave Grohl and Christina Aguilera are in fact just that. Either way, we will give you a minute of silence to visualize that possibility. . . . Back already? OK then. How about we give you the highlights of this summer's Pier shows? Looks like everyone from the hopefully recovered Lyle Lovett (you'll recall he recently had a run-in with an angry bull) to Billy Idol and Diana Ross, with usual suspects the Indigo Girls, Shawn Colvin, and Super Diamond rounding it out. No shows that really knock our kneesocks off, ࠬa last year's Sleater-Kinney/ Patti Smith double bill, but we'll keep our eye on it. . . . If you were charmed by the eclectic lineup for last year's Area: One tour (Outkast and New Order and Nelly Furtado, oh my!), you'll be pleased as punch over this year's version of the Moby-masterminded minipalooza: It looks like both David Bowie and Busta Rhymes are signed on to join the Bald One on this year's sequentially named Area: Two. . . . Anyone with a fondness for boobies (and who doesn't that include?) would do well to support their health and longevity by checking out the Bra Show at the Sunset on April 18. It's a Breast Cancer Awareness benefit featuring a fanciful bra parade modeled by real live girls and rockaroake open to all comers—it starts at 7:30 and it's a bargain at $10, so cough it up if you can.

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