Eat Out 2002

Seattle Weekly's 100 Favorite Restaurants

As the trucks say, enjoy life, friends: Eat out more often. To aid you in this endeavor, we bring you the second annual edition of Seattle Weekly's 100 Favorite Restaurants, with places to eat everything from fried chicken to saut饤 lobster and veal sweetbreads with local mushrooms and black-pepper gnocchi in a tomato-and-wine reduction. How were they chosen? Well, it was not easy, but between our opinionated food writers, our opinionated regular writers, and our opinionated friends and mothers, a completely arbitrary list was put together, with an emphasis on the many excellent new restaurants that have opened in the past year or so (denoted with "NEW," natch, in the list). And of these new places, we picked three extra-special ones and got the stories behind them from the people behind them (and asked them where they eat when they go out). Mad that your favorite place/the place you own/the place you are a PR flack for got left off the list? E-mail REALLY mad? Direct furious letters to the editor to Seattle Weekly's 100 Favorite Restaurants *Also available for download (right-click to save) in PDF format. Install on your Palm OS or Pocket PC OS-powered PDA using Adobe Acrobat Reader for Palm OS! [Some updates, already, to our 100 favorite restaurants issue. Our favorite sandwich-maker, Bulent Ertur, of Bistro Antalya on Broadway, has been hauled away by the INS. No word on how long they plan to detain (as our own very cute Paul Hughes calls him) Turkey's cutest gift to the world. Look for a story in the May 2 Weekly for details. In other news from the Department of Sudden Departures, and in spite of all the nice things we said about 26-year-old Kevin Ruff, a new chef's name is now listed on the menu at Capitol Hill's Capitol Club. We'd like to know why, but the management isn't returning calls.... And as reported April 25 in News Clips, we do know why La Viagra Marina in South Park will be changing its name: The risible ring to the restaurant's stimulating appellation is a trademark infringement, according to poor little global pharmaceutical company Pfizer, which manufactures the revolutionary drug for erectile dysfunction. They have asked restaurant owner Salvador Hernandez to change the name to something less "confusing."] Otis Cafe

Teena North and Richard McDonald: dogs, Home Depot, sandwiches, and fun by Bethany Jean Clement The Rose Club Cafe

Kimberly Robinson talks about creating a community hangout and how cool vintage bikes are by Jill Lightner 727 Pine

Danielle Custer on making a hotel restaurant great with food that jumps off the plate by Roger Downey

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