Jerry Maguire


Columbia TriStar Home Ent., $27.95

CHAMPIONING Tom Cruise's earnest, career-ending business memo, Ren饠Zellweger declares, "I think in this age optimism like that is a revolutionary act." You won't hear anything revolutionary on Maguire's DVD commentary tracks (featuring Zellweger, Cruise, writer/director Cameron Crowe, and Cuba Gooding Jr.), but you will find the same sunny affection that distinguishes all of Crowe's estimable romantic comedies.

The Maguire company is laid back and loving the chance to watch its work again; the four howl gleefully at the Oscar-winning Gooding's "Show me the money!" speech—also shown here in bare bones rehearsal footage—as if it were the first time they'd ever seen it. A separate video track allows you to watch them watching the movie. Here, Cruise looks ridiculous slouching in sunglasses and a goofy hat, but the amiable crew seems to humanize him in a way that explains the success of his endearingly loose performance in the film.

Among the several deleted scenes is a funny bit where Kelly Preston, playing Cruise's fierce fianc饬 casually savages his memo—then promises him a "Chicago-style" blow job. You get several chatty nuggets of interest: Crowe talking about playing mood music for the actors during actual filmed takes; plus his initial uncertainty about Cruise's climactic "You complete me" moment, the film's much-mocked but sentimentally pure raison d'괲e. ("I was never sure about that speech. I just always thought, 'Is it too much?'")

Like the film itself, this chock-full two-disc set (released April 30) celebrates good people happy to be in one another's company.

Steve Wiecking

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