Hark, what's that we hear? Could it be the pitter-patter of little feet, or is that the clog dance of the righteously vindicated gossip columnist?


Days of our nights

Hark, what's that we hear? Could it be the pitter-patter of little feet, or is that the clog dance of the righteously vindicated gossip columnist? Why, it's both! That's right, campers: Way back in February, we reported that the Umlauted One herself, Bj�/B>, was with child. We were rewarded for our intrepid reporting by having a new one rather unkindly ripped by her manager and were subsequently asked to retract our statement in writing under threat of legal retaliation, thus making us look and feel like big fat idiots. Now, it turns out, we had the international scoop, and the pixie mistress of song is more than five months along—and showing quite the bump under her loose-fitting bun-in-the-oven outfit at Coachella last weekend. We're sure to feed you plenty of inaccurate and/or misleading bits in the future, but whenever that day comes (and soon!), just remember: For all our faults, the leading source of Icelandic rock star pregnancy=Days of Our Nights. . . . In other, kind of depressing news, Joey Ramone's mother and brother are currently feuding with the dearly departed rocker's friends and former bandmates over conflicting birthday celebrations. Fans will be forced to choose between the family party, held May 19 at the Bowery Ballroom in N.Y.C., and the bash thrown by the Ramones' "creative director" Arturo Vega that same night at CBGB. "Arturo has been telling people that he was Joey's real family, not us," Mamma Ramone angrily told the New York Post, "and now he's staging another show to undermine the family's efforts." Last year, mom's party featured MC Steven Van Zandt with performances by Blondie, Cheap Trick, and the Damned, plus taped testimonials from Paul Westerberg, Joan Jett, Metallica, and more; this year she promises more of the same, with all proceeds to benefit the Lymphoma Research Foundation. Vega's shindig so far offers a contest in which a lucky

fan will get to perform his or her tribute song to Joey; the winner will later appear on the B-side of The Bowery Electric, a tribute performed by Vega alongside Tommy, Marky, and CJ Ramone. You make the call. In the meantime, we're hoping someone entirely unrelated decides to honor the day in our own fond-of-Joey city. If you are, let us know, and we'll happily provide whatever free publicity our little bird-cage-liner column is worth. . . . Calling all conspiracy theorists! Those of you who loved the bizarre, unnecessarily titillating slander-fest that was Kurt and Courtney should be looking forward to Nick Broomfield's latest, Biggie and Tupac, due for release in August. . . . Good thing for Seattleites that Paul Westerberg started out on the West Coast, cuz now he's canceled the last few dates of his nationwide in-store tour, including Austin, due to that rock-star catchall, "exhaustion." Reports from all completed tour dates, though, are A-1. . . . Girls (and boys) who can't get enough of pasty, clever Brits in bands will be sad to hear that '90s Britpop poster boy Jarvis Cocker of Pulp is, after serving the requisite time in the glammy Continental dating pool (including a stint with Chl�evigny), tying the knot with, but of course, a stylist this July. . . . Fans of Kevin Willis, local bartender, music lover, and artiste (he photographs plenty of bands about town and is responsible for, among other things, Tool's recent album cover art) should preview his new work at Fallout Records (1506 E. Olive Way) May 10-31, before it moves on to the Alibi Room, complete with swanky opening party. . . . Are we the only ones wondering how Eddie Money went from the Ballard Firehouse a couple years back to headlining the Tacoma Dome in '02? We trust Ticketmaster's press releases implicitly, but we're still scratching our heads over that listing

and wondering whether the wheels of nostalgia have gone off the rails. . . . Last week we mentioned Stephen Trask (he's the composer of the fantastic rock-opera score for Hedwig & the Angry Inch and the soundtrack director for the to-be-released Gina Gershon girl-band vehicle Prey for Rock & Roll), and ex-Weekly-ite Julie Butterfield, press maven for Sleater-Kinney, e-mailed us from her new home in L.A. to add that he'll also be the first man ever to lend vocals to an S-K track, and even plays keyboards on a "delightful new-wave-y number" for the band's as-yet-untitled new release. Steve Fisk also brings on his considerable theramin talents for one song, making it quite the coed party . . . . This year's Capitol Hill Block Party is shaping up to be quite the two-day hootenanny, with the aforementioned Sleater-Kinney, Mudhoney, 764-HERO, the Long Winters, Hell's Belles, the Catheters, Dead Low Tide, the Gossip, the Briefs, and Visqueen on the roster for July 13-14. Hostesses with the Mostest runny mascara, Ursula Android and Jackie Hell, will add their usual depraved bit 'o honey. For 8 bucks, who can refuse? . . . VH-1 reported on Tuesday that the Flaming Lips, Cake, De La Soul, and Modest Mouse will embark on a cross-country jaunt this summer as the Unlimited Sunshine tour, starting in mid-July. Pollstar.com doesn't tell us yet whether that includes a Seattle date, but we're hoping our hometown Mice won't let us be passed by.

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