Who Said It?

"The Seattle Mariners have captured the hearts and minds of our Northwest communities, which is entirely consistent with [our] mission and values."

a) Microsoft founder Bill Gates, announcing a new program to upload the hearts and minds of our Northwest communities.

b) Bill Krippaehne, president of Fisher Broadcasting, invoking a phrase from the Pentagon's efforts in the '60s to "pacify" the South Vietnamese countryside to trumpet its acquisition of Mariner radio broadcast rights for KOMO.

c) Thomas Benkelman, CEO of the electronic retail chain Circuit City, announcing plans for 16 new Puget Sound locations but failing to explain how selling flat-screen televisions has anything to do with either baseball or hearts and minds.

d) The King County Council, in a resolution marking May 15, 2002, as "Safeco Field Day," on the fifth anniversary of the signing of legislation that authorized new taxes for public financing of a new Mariners ballpark despite the rejection of a similar deal by local voters.

Answer: b

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