Forget Bernese mountain dogs and Kabbalah classes; the new status accessory of the twentysomething Hollywood starlet is apparently a Boy in a Shit-Hot Band. Case


Days of our nights

Forget Bernese mountain dogs and Kabbalah classes; the new status accessory of the twentysomething Hollywood starlet is apparently a Boy in a Shit-Hot Band. Case in point: Drew Barrymore and Strokes drummer Fabrizio Moretti. Hot on the heels of the Winona/Jack White smoochfest, 27-year-old Drew and 21-year-old Fabrizio (say it with us: Fabrreeetzzio!) have been seen snogging all over L.A. the past week, and the newly divorced Barrymore reportedly spent the night in Moretti's hotel room, emerging in the morning disheveled but quite contented. While we condone Drew's god-given right to a foxy young rebound (especially after being stuck with chinless, unfunny Tom Green for too long), we're getting a little suspicious of all of this rock-star cradle robbing. What's next, Gwyneth brings the Hives home to touch her Oscar? . . . And now that our disgusting and shallow Hollywood Moment has passed, on to some real news, sort of: It looks like the initial Bumbershoot lineup has just been released, and the acts are, as ever, gloriously random. The biggies include everyone from Jewel and Concrete Blonde to Sonic Youth and Wyclef Jean. Also in the bag are Blackalicious (if you don't feel like trekking out to the Gorge this weekend, you can catch them at the 'shoot in September), Maceo Parker, the Mekons, Blonde Redhead, and Kristin Hersh, plus local standbys-turned-superstars Death Cab for Cutie and Modest Mouse. We expect to be there at least two of the four days, though the mix of rampant hacky sack circles, baby strollers, and elephant ears will undoubtedly lead to at least one of our dreaded annual Seattle Center Syndrome panic attacks. . . . Were we just not paying very close attention? It seems that right under our noses, local pop outfit Loudermilk got signed to DreamWorks, and are currently in L.A.

shooting their first video, for "Estrogen Oxygen." According to the label, they'll be doing a very special "showcase tour" starting this Wednesday at Chop Suey, complete with DJs and "swag bags" (whatever that means) handed out at the door. Please excuse our cluelessness (we're still catching up on all the Vendetta Red major-label details), and good luck to the boys in their big-time endeavors. . . . This is funny: The Faint's Todd Baechle fought the law, and the law won—maybe because the law had pants on, and he didn't. On the final stop of the band's tour with headliners No Doubt in Albuquerque, off-stage shenanigans ended with Todd and bandmate Jacob Thiele emerging onstage in nothing but napkin loincloths and the logos of both bands painted on their naked flesh. Inspired to give the audience a full view of his body art, Todd then removed his nappy entirely, leading to his arrest later that night for "lewd and inappropriate behavior." While the police report condemned the man who "danced and gyrated while unclothed, intentionally exposing his genital[s], penis and testicles, to public view," he was off the hook by the following morning. . . . We know there's no way you'll miss Hall & Oates on Bravo's Musicians series May 27. Or maybe that's just us. . . . While we were half-singing, half-suffering along with Mandonna's set at Chop Suey Saturday night, some people we know decided to satisfy their urges the following evening with an actual icon, not an imitator—namely, Elvis Costello (though he did dub his backup band this time around the Impostors, since it features only two-thirds of the original Attractions). Says the Weekly's new music editor Bob Mehr, "Costello's two-and-a-half-hour set found his voice and guitar playing in fiery form as ever, especially on material from his latest, When I Was Cruel. In addition to playing the bulk of

the new record and the inevitable parade of hits ('Watching the Detectives,' 'Pump It Up'), Costello dug up a few nuggets from his catalog (the slow version of 'Clowntime Is Over' was especially memorable). However, the unquestionable highlight of the evening came at the end of the second encore, when Costello announced special guest Peter Buck. Looking resplendent in red and with 12-string Rickenbacker in tow, the recently acquitted R.E.M. guitarist joined the band for a scorching run-through of '(What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love and Understanding?' Elvis and co. then returned for a third and final encore, as the spectacled singer brought the hall to a hush with the vocal acrobatics of 'I Want You,' ending the song and the set a capella." . . . Rebirth to the Pixies: The seminal, long-defunct band is back, sort of, with a self-titled collection of 1987 demos due out July 9 on SpinArt. Though the collection of pre-Come on Pilgrim tracks is definitely designed for diehards, it'll probably still beat the Dickies off whatever Xerox-of-a-Xerox-of-the-Pixies modern revivalists you've been sating your poor self with lately. . . . And now, we'd like to present the 2002 Dan the Automator Award for Talented Artists Who Just Don't Know When to Say When to . . . Ryan Adams! Yep, Mr. Adams, who apparently writes new songs like OCD sufferers wash their hands, is set to release a freaking four-CD box set later this summer full of previously unreleased recordings, demos, and, we're guessing, every tune he's ever hummed in the shower. But fret not, obsessives, there's more. The official follow-up to Adams' Gold is still due toward the end of 2002.

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