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Reed returns, White Stripes get bass-ic, and more.

Waiting for the Man: If you are, you won't have to hold out long—Lou Reed has just been added to this year's Bumbershoot lineup. We can see it already: Lou all laid out by the Seattle Center fountain, nibbling on one of those mammoth strawberry shortcakes, while a nearby drum circle beats out "I'll Be Your Mirror." Walk on the wild side, indeed. . . . Other late adds to the Labor Day festival: Wilco, Everclear, Nappy Roots, and Jerry Cantrell. Of course, you might be thinking nothing could ever top 2001's splits-tastic David Lee Roth appearance there— in which case, you're heading out to the Gorge as we speak for Diamond Dave's unholy union with Sammy Haggar. Being auto-immune (i.e., bad drivers who fear the evil I-90) ourselves, we'll be making do here on the west side of the state, so you tell us—we're gagging for a play-by-play. . . . In the meantime, we may busy ourselves with a big ole conference the always-industrious VERA Project has slated for June 28 and 29 at the Theater Off Jackson. It's called Feeding Back, and while organized by young ladies, it's meant for everyone, with topics ranging from sexism and racism in the music community (we're guessing they're against it) to 'zine making to guitar and turntable labs, plus a female summit featuring local estrogen big shots Ann Powers, Susie Tenant, Cristien Storm, and Kate Becker. Sound grrrly enough for you? You can call for more details at 517-1210 or log onto . . . Oh, Jack. Jack, Jack, Jack. You knew we couldn't stay away for long, sweetie. That's right, we've got more White Stripes tidbits for you, this week's being that Redd Kross' Steven McDonald has taken on the mammoth task of adding bass parts to all WS songs. So far, the project—which McDonald has

dubbed Redd Blood Cells—consists of MP3s of several Stripes tracks, including "The Same Boy You've Always Known" and "Little Room." The next installment, "We're Going to Be Friends" and "Offend in Every Day," is due July 1. Says McDonald, who apparently has the full approval of Jack and Meg, "It's the coolest thing in the world—I'm playing bass in the White Stripes. I am Steven White . . . that is, unless they kick me out." Full, constantly updated cuts (including some DIY advice) can be found at . . . A few months ago, we mentioned that a No Depression radio show was in the works but hadn't yet found a local home. Well open your arms and turn on your tuner, Seattle. As of last Sunday, Classic Country AM 1090 will air the program every Friday from 10 p.m. to midnight. Enjoy! . . . Who among us hasn't seen at least one Hallmark-Hall-of-Fame-meets-Passions hagiography/soap-fest that the major TV networks roll out for sweeps week? Oh, shut up—you have so. Usually, they pick historical greats like Jackie O. or Winston Churchill to canonize and/or tear apart. But ABC's hallowed subject for a forthcoming Sunday Night Special? The Go-Gos! No shit. The network beat out a number of contenders, including the Icky Tongue Man himself, Gene Simmons, for the rights to the girls' story, which will focus on the band's rise from the sweat-stained punk clubs of '70s L.A. to their '80s superstardom, break-up, and eventual reconciliation—all in one glorious February broadcast. Somehow, though, we don't expect the Disney-owned affiliate to delve too deeply into members' massive cocaine and heroin addictions, grotty grooming habits, and hee-larious use and abuse of male groupies. Still, we're intrigued. . . . The always humble Strokes are back in the news, announcing that their new material is less straightforward but ultimately even

better. As guitarist Albert Hammond Jr. recently told Rolling Stone, "It's magical, rocking, interesting and everything we're playing is so new. It's like all rocking and then gets weird. What kind of song is this? It's fucking the future of rock 'n' roll, man! I say that with no ego whatsoever. I say that honestly." A few new numbers have worked their way into the band's usually rigid set list, including "Meet Me in the Bathroom," "I Can't Win," and what seems to be their personal favorite, "The Way It Is." As far as the band's celebrity love lives go, drummer Fabrizio Moretti is still reportedly hot 'n' heavy with Drew Barrymore; ex-Duran Duran spouse and Friend of Courtney Amanda de Cadenet has been whooping it up with Albert; and demon offspring Kelly Osbourne was recently spotted working her way over to Julian Casablancas at an industry event. Like honey to horny bees, those boys. . . . While Dave Grohl was in town last week hitting the skins for Queens of the Stone Age, it seems one Foo Fighter, guitarist Chris Shiflett, has found time for a side project of his own—namely, a band called Viva Death, which he formed with his brother Scott, bass player for Face to Face, and F2F singer Trevor Keith. The guys have a self-titled debut due on Vagrant Records this August, but according to the Foo's Web site, it's all in good faith; as soon as Grohl returns from QOTSA duties, the band is on track again. . . . And finally, since this is the Gay Pride issue, we'd like to add our two gay bits: Check out what the Catwalk is calling The Gayest Party Evah! Only $5, the Friday, June 28, show will feature drag queens galore, the best of Liza, Barbra, Madonna, and every other one-word gay icon ending in A, as well as our own Kurt B. Reighley on the decks. It doesn't get much gayer than that, folks, and we mean that in both senses

of the word. . . .

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