Keep Your Eyes on Your Own Paper

A quick test of your queer IQ.

What's all this fuss about Sappho?

a)She thrived as a poet on the island of Lesbos until her poetry was burned, beginning in 380, leaving only fragments today.

b)It's a newly hybridized rose that has stunning lavender blooms.

c)She's the daughter on Absolutely Fabulous.

Answer: a

What historic event occurred on June 27, 1969?

a)The Stonewall Riot, in which gay men for the first time fought back a police raid on a gay bar (N.Y.C.'s Stonewall Inn)—an event which marks the start of the modern gay liberation movement.

b)Judy Garland's funeral.

c)In Becton v. United States, the 8th Circuit Court ruled that where there is no indication in the record that the defendant waives his right to raise the Fifth Amendment privilege, it is entirely appropriate and "just under the circumstances" to pass upon the constitutional issue.

d)President Nixon attended a celebration marking the 10th anniversary of the opening of the St. Lawrence Seaway.

Answer: a, b, c, d

Why is April 30, 1997 such an important date for lesbians?

a)The first all-tofu cookbook was published.

b)Ellen became the first prime-time television program to have its main character come out as a lesbian.

c)Seattle Weekly began accepting personals for the category "women seeking women."

Answer: b

Legend has it that the Stonewall patrons, many of them drag queens, fought back with . . .


b)Manolo Blahnik spike heels.

c)Withering glances and cutting epigrams.

Answer: a, though they surely tried c as well

Name the stops on the lesbian circuit party.

a)Home Depot, True Value, the nursery at Fred Meyer.

b)Value Village, benefit 5K run, potluck dinner.

c)Michigan, Dinah Shore weekend, and an Olivia cruise.

Answer: c

Who is Emma Goldman?

a)A founding partner of Goldman Sachs.

b)She was labeled the "most dangerous woman in America" in 1923 by the FBI because of her open support of gay rights and equality.

c)The best-known Jane Austen scholar in the Northern Hemisphere.

Answer: b

Quentin Crisp is . . .

a)The hottest trance DJ on the West Coast.

b)Famed wit and author (1908-1999) of The Naked Civil Servant, a memoir of his days as a pioneering, flamboyantly out gay man in between-the-wars Britain.

c)A baked dessert made from flour, butter, and brown sugar combined until crumbly, then sprinkled over peeled and diced quentins.

Answer: b

Magnus Hirschfeld is . . .

a)The best-selling brand of condoms in Germany.

b)Colt magazine's 1987 Hunk of the Year.

c)German physician, sex researcher, and gay rights pioneer (1868-1935) who worked to repeal Paragraph 175, Germany's anti-gay law.

Answer: c

Describe the "lavender menace."

a)The derogatory nickname for the lesbian presence in the National Organization for Women (before NOW acknowledged lesbian oppression in 1971).

b)The challenge of trying to find something to wear with that purple sweater.

c)The dangerous aroma rising from French fields in bloom.

Answer: a

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