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Of Mice and (patrol) Men, Courtney's latest look, Muppets, and more.

He fought the law and the law, well . . . it put his ass in jail. After doing a bit of sightseeing with bandmates on the Canadian side of Niagara Falls last week, Modest Mouse frontman (and the Artist Currently Known as Ugly Casanova) Isaac Brock was treated to a swift bit of border justice. On their return trip, a background check on Brock led to the discovery of some outstanding traffic warrants, and thus straight to a Buffalo, N.Y., jail cell for several days. Three tour dates—two in N.Y.C., one in Boston—were subsequently canceled while the legal bits were straightened out. Brock insists the charges (originally issued in Oregon) were supposed to have already been taken care of by his attorney. Rampant rumors aside, he is out of the pokey and back on the road, having resumed the U.C. tour in Washington, D.C., Sunday night. . . . We hate to kick a girl when she's down, but shortly after having her lawsuit kneecapped by a judge who dismissed one of the main premises of her claim against Vivendi/Universal and Geffen (for unfair labor practices), Courtney Love reportedly showed up for a recent press tour in L.A. with sunglasses, two black eyes, and a nose that looked suspiciously 2002. Now, judging by these photos (see below) from a recent radio appearance in Atlanta, we can only assume the portrait in the attic has been discovered, the contract in blood negated, or any other nefarious everlasting-fame-and-beauty deals with Beelzebub somehow expired. . . . Speaking of all things Love-ly, ex- Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl has announced that he might be ready to give up the fight with the superlitigious widow over the rights to the band's remaining material. "At the end of the day," he said, "it's just not worth all the pain and the anguish. My contribution has been made. The band is over, and forever that music will be there. There are times when I honestly don't give a shit who's running the cash

register. I'll always be the guy who played drums in that band, and to me that's more important than control or power or money or whatever." Still, he's got a few fightin' words left in him for Courtney, including some he gave to MTV recently: "She wasn't in the rehearsal space writing the music. She wasn't involved in the human records, she wasn't onstage every night playing or in Aberdeen in 1987, hanging out with Krist and Kurt on tour in that tiny van. She wasn't there for the majority of the band. So it would be different [if she wins control of the music]. It would be like handing Microsoft to me." In the meantime, Love still says she's got hundreds of tapes featuring unreleased material, which she has no intention of handing over to the surviving duo. . . . "Someday you'll find it, the Wee-zer con-nec-tion, the lovers, the dreamers, and meeee. . . . " That's right, kiddos; the kings of cardigan rock have invited Kermit, Miss Piggy, Gonzo, and the gang to star in the first video from their new album, "Keep Fishin'"—there's even a Muppet chorus and running commentary from Statler and Waldorf. You can see its premiere on MTV2 July 14 as part of a half-hour special on the band. . . . The latest word from Beck's long sojourn in the studio is that both Aimee Mann and Jakob Dylan have joined him in the recording room. And no, we have no idea when they'll be done. . . . Whine and ye shall receive: After we chastised Morrissey a couple weeks ago for having the time to play two dates each in Arizona and Oregon and even one in freakin' Anchorage without even throwing Washington a bone, the Boy With the Thorn in His Side has changed his (warbling) tune: A Paramount show is now slated for Aug. 22. So there. . . . Also back on the scene, crispy and clean: Elvis Costello is rumored to be returning in September, though as of yet, it's written in pencil, not ink. . . . Set the VCR for

Dawson's Creek or American Idol or whatever cuz you got places to be next Wednesday: specifically, the Flaming Lips listening party at the Green Room. We promise it will be worth your while— despite its kitschy title, Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots, it's great, vintage Lips, we swear, and founder and guitarist Wayne Coyne will be there in the flesh to fill you in and narrate some bits. You'll also be able to enter to win, among other things, a free trip to Oklahoma City (destination of champions!) to be an extra in Christmas on Mars, the sci-fi flick the band has been working on for a while. Festivities start at 8, and it's all free. . . . Finally, a very sad goodbye not only to Billboard editor in chief Timothy White but also Who bassist John Entwistle; heart attacks took both late last week. White, a hugely influential journalist as well as a radio host and author, was never seen without his bow tie; Entwistle's only constant accessory was, of course, his bass guitar. Long the strong silent backbone of the band that always put its more flamboyant members—Roger Daltrey, Pete Townshend, the late Keith Moon—front and center, he also released nine well-received solo records. Survivors Daltrey and Townshend have already bounced back and plan to continue their current U.S. tour, which plays the Gorge Amphitheatre this Friday, with replacement bassist Pino Palladino. Said Daltrey, "John lived his life for the road and to play live onstage, and I'm sure he would want us to be doing this. . . . By playing our music, I believe we can help ourselves and our fans grieve and begin to come to terms with our loss, huge as it is. I just hope that God has got his earplugs ready. Whatever happens, he'll have to reinvent thunder, as it simply won't be loud enough anymore."

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