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HOT NEWS Changes and/or rumors of changes in the Jet City restaurant world: A cocktail lounge will supposedly be opening in the old mortuary at Pine and Melrose (a rumor denied by the construction company doing the remodeling, who reported that it was to become a lawyers' office—dead people, lawyers, drunk hipsters, what's the difference?). Nearby, ing will soon be called Cobalt Caf頨hard to say whether that's an improvement or not). The new Capitol Club owners bought the place and intend to do away with the deep red walls in favor of, duh, cobalt blue and yellow (yellow?), and to create yet another new menu. Downtown, the Poor Italian Caf頩s indubitably gone, with a sign in the window indicating that a Brazilian or some such restaurant is to open there. And, in case you live under a rock, the Green Cat Caf頩s back under its original management. Bethany Jean Clement AT THE MARKET Ever bought a bunch of cilantro and managed to use it before it dries up? Didn't think so; but now at last you can. Jordan Village Farms sells cilantro-on-the-roots at their high stall in Pike Place. When you get your bunch home, just roll it in some damp newspaper, pop it in the crisper, and it'll keep for weeks. If you're into Thai-style seasoning, don't throw those gnarly roots away: Thai cooks prefer their funky flavor (pounded into a paste) to that of the leaves. . . . And if you find yourself confused by all the shapes and colors of heirloom tomatoes, Whole Foods offers relief: a free class in choosing and using them at the 64th and Roosevelt store at 1 p.m. Saturday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BABY The Elliott Bay Brewery has turned five and is celebrating with a woody, weighty 8-percent Anniversary Ale, brewed with 555 pounds of grain, 55 bittering units, and 25 pounds of turbinado sugar, then aged for five weeks with oak chips and love. Get it while you can. Once the tap runs dry, you'll have to wait five more years. Available only at Elliott Bay Brewpub, 4720 California S.W., 932-8695. HOT THIS WEEK July 28 Do good and eat even better: The owners of Canlis and their chef Greg Atkinson invite environmentally aware gourmets to a four-course banquet at Bainbridge Island's Puget Sound Environmental Learning Center to raise money for the Center's many education programs. Get to the ferry dock by 4 p.m. to be sure you're there in time for cocktails! $250; 441-2769, ext. 11. August 1 The connection between barbecue and literacy is not intuitively obvious, but there must be one, because today sees the fifth annual Northwest Grillfest supporting Northwest Bookfest. A short dozen of celebrity chefs and cookbook authors will stoke the Webers on the breezy roof terrace of Rainier Square, and their savory results will be accompanied by salads, breads, and beverages contributed by superior purveyors. $70, $130 couple; 378-1883. Food and/or beverage news? E-mail Hot Dish at

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