Strokes make a video; Doors make a comeback, sorta.

OK, contestants, hands on your buzzers. Ready? Name the top, most freaky-ass concept for a music video. You in the red! Members of Guided by Voices vs. former Guns n' Rosers Slash, Duff McKagan, and Matt Sorum in a game of rock 'n' roll Family Feud? Survey says: Dingdingding! Yes indeedy, it's true: The upcoming clip for the Strokes' "Someday," as envisioned by Roman "Thanks for the career, Dad!" Coppola, will feature Dayton, Ohio's hardest-drinking band up against Axl's former cohorts in a rousing round of the Feud. Allegedly, hot-shit auteurs like Spike Jonze were chasing down the Strokes, begging for a piece of the action, but the fancy fivesome chose to stick with Coppola, Jonze's own brother-in-law, who helmed the band's first super low-budget outing, "Hard to Explain." . . . Speaking of kee-razy video concepts, those without fancy, expensive cable at home (we feel your pain) can now see that Weezer-meets-the-Muppets video, "Keep Fishin'," as long as you've got a computer. Check and choose either the Windows or RealPlayer option. It's pretty goddamn cute, and surely a good use of your office hours. . . . The Doors are hitting the road! Yep, Jim Morrison's still deader than a doornail, but in a twist that puts the Sammy Hagar/Van Halen coup to shame, the Cult's Ian Astbury has been tapped to fill the Lizard King's shoes (or leather lace-up pants, as it were). Original members Ray Manzarek and Robby Kreiger are signed on for sure, while remaining survivor John Densmore may or may not come along for the ride. The re-formed oldsters also plan on calling the likes of Creed's Scott Stapp and Stone Temple Pilots frontman Scott Weiland onstage for performances in L.A. and New York; seeing as how the lately ubiquitous-about-town Eddie Vedder once

performed with the surviving threesome (at the band's 1993 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction), Mr. Mohawk himself just might wiggle his way onstage come Seattle's turn. . . . And while we're on the oldies tip, John Entwistle has only just been laid to rest, but it looks like Hollywood's got Who fever already—in this case, the focus is on the less recently deceased Keith Moon. A big-time biopic is aiming to feature Mike Myers as the legendary drummer who OD'd at the age of 32. Casting coup or clueless H-wood bull-honky? You tell us. . . . Even before last week's announcement that Matt Groening would be curating the super-hep All Tomorrow's Parties festival, you knew that his show, the indefatigable Simpsons, had a way with musical guest stars. This season is no different—they've already got Elvis Costello, Tom Petty, Lenny Kravitz, and the wrinkly Glimmer Twins themselves—Mick Jagger and Keith Richards—signed on for animated cameos. . . . Grant-Lee Phillips, whose first solo album, 2000's Ladies Love Oracle, is being reissued on Aug. 20, will be hitting the circuit with John Doe and Kristin Hersh for an eight-date fall tour that kicks off Sept. 18 in Atlanta. Will local girl Hersh make them come our way? Nobody knows yet. . . . Check out the August edition of Brit music bible MOJO (Bob Marley's on the cover, but don't let that stop you) for a lovely profile on our own Catheters and their new(ish) release on Sub Pop—page 22 for all you lazy lookers. . . .When is a vintage clothing store not a vintage clothing store? When the White Mice (Adam from the Chromatics' side project), the New Mexicans, and the A-Frames show up with their gear and put on a show. Pine Street's Double Trouble has been clearing out the corduroys and ringer tees lately in order to make room for a bunch

of kids (who look like their best customers, anyhow), and even bona fide grown-ups, who get down for DJ'ed dance parties and rock shows, like Saturday's wild and crazy lineup, with increasing regularity. Sure, the place is about the size of a king-sized bed, but like they say—good things, small packages. . . . You're thinking: Phew, a whole edition of DOON with no Courtney Love news! Not so fast, suckers—our gossip bread and butter is at it again, and still single-handedly keeping the American Bar Association in Armani suits and second homes. Three of the rock star/ actress/professional widow's former employees—a nanny, a butler, and an estate manager—recently filed successful complaints with the California Labor Commissioner claiming they were owed salary, overtime, and severance pay. The estate manager, Laurentia Harrington, testified that her duties included cleaning up after both Love's boyfriend and her puppy (apparently house-training is hard to come by), color-coding lady of the manor's closet, and organizing her books by category, for little or no overtime compensation. Seems our girl still wants to be the one with the most cake . . . for free.

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