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The Best of Seattle According to Christine Thompson

The hotel concierge is the unsung hero of the decadent—arranging massages, procuring limousines, recommending restaurants, they have to know what's the very best, lest a generous, rich hotel guest transmogrify into a pissed-off, my-sense-of-entitlement-is-exceeded-only-by-my-bank-account-and-your-head's-gonna-roll hotel guest. CHRISTINE THOMPSON has been telling the guests at the posh W Hotel where to go since it opened here almost three years ago.

Best Place to Go for Fancy Appetizers

The Brooklyn. Not New York! On Second and University in Seattle.

Best Appetizer to Order There

The five-spice pork rolls with chili-mango and spicy mustard sauce.

Best Seafood

The Flying Fish for ambiance, Waterfront for food, Ray's Boathouse for the view, and Queen City Grill for the crab cakes.

Best Restaurant to Get Into Without a Reservation

Carmelita, Carmelita, Carmelita—did I mention Carmelita?

Best Place to Buy Chocolate Truffles

Dilettante—especially their champagne truffles.

Best Limo Service

Bayview Limo—awesome, top-notch service!

Best Sunday Brunch

Mom's house! Sorry, Salty's and Palisade, but you're a close second and third.

Best Expensive Furniture Store

Kasala on Western, but according to my co-concierge, Drew Shetter, it's David Smith.

Best Place to Get Botox

Bo-what??? This is Seattle, not L.A. (and this just sounds scary!).

Best Day Spa

Habitude—it burned down, but we are all expecting the new one to be equally spectacular.

Best Hair Salon

Hair, beware, of Marco at Two Union Square.

Best Place to Buy Jewelry

Turgeon-Raine Jewellers—the doorman, the service, and my lucky wedding ring for seven years make this tops!

Best Luxury Trinket Shop

You're all expecting me to say Tiffany's, but my kudos go to Vetri Glass on First and Union.

Best Bar With a View

Ray's Boathouse—with its gaze to the west, you can't beat it!

Best Place to Buy an Evening Gown at the Last Minute

Jeri Rice (like I have to do this ALL the time!).

Best Place to Get a Wedding Cake

OK, you knew it was coming: The Diva of Dessert, we all know and love her—W Seattle's very own pastry chef, Sue McCown.

Best Place to Buy Soap

Because soap is, after all, not just soap anymore, the only real answer is Central Market in Shoreline—rosemary soap in the bulk department.

Best Celebrity Sighting at the W in the Last Year

None other than Mr. Kevin Spacey! (Special thanks to the hotel that he left to come over to the W.)

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