If you were 2, what would you do?

Well, one of the good things about being 2,

is that a gooey puddle of mud can


Oh, the Places You'll Go!

With apologies to Theodore Geisel.

If you were 2, what would you do?

Well, one of the good things about being 2,

is that a gooey puddle of mud can interest you.

One lovely place to get out and play

is Sandpoint Playfield on any fine day.

There's not just one play contraption, there's two, three, and four,

plus trails, sports courts, a nice beach, and more.

The playground in Mount Baker is equally grand,

especially for kids who dig digging in sand.

There's a cool minidigger for sitting and scooping

and a lemonade stand for when energy's drooping.

If you're really dragging and needing to eat,

plenty of fine places offer little people great treats.

House of Hong for dim sum is always so nice,

the food-laden carts come fast, and yummy fried rice.

Gordito's is tops when you just need to yell,

it's so loud in there that no one can tell.

And quesadillas are tasty and gooey with cheese,

you'll want more so quickly, you may even say please.

You probably like pizza, if it's cheese that you crave,

the best place to go is Stella, where I'm sure you'll behave.

Who wouldn't, when there's a hot pie to devour,

And right out the door trains roll by every hour.

(You could almost touch them, if you weren't held back,

you're so close you can hear every whistle, you can see the whole track.)

Another good place for eating for tots

is pet-friendly Chez Gus, you'll like it there lots.

It's colorful and casual down there nearthe piers,

and more trains whiz by, off to lands far and near.

If you're a brave eater, and you really should be,

then try out Todai and all things from the sea.

There's food galore at this Asian buffet,

take all you likeā€”all that fits on your tray.

(Only eat seaweed, crab legs, and jellies;

raw fish won't sit well in small, kid-size bellies.)

While you're in Redmond, trim up your hair,

Kids Cuts-n-Play will solve all your cares.

Even the most worried young client will find their tears dry,

with the great wall of toys and fun things to spy.

After eating and styling you may feel kind of plumpy,

so it's now time to do some things fast and jumpy.

Kids love kicking, so explore Arena Sports soccer,

Who knows? You may be the next World Cup goal blocker.

The Lil Kickers Thumpers class leads to a good sleep at night,

with numerous long games of Red and Green Light.

But if it's culture you seek, don't worry, don't fret,

there's plenty to do, even for those who still wet.

The Tiny Tots concerts held in the Symphony Hall

offer classical music for fans big and small.

Seattle Art Museum on Thursdays is another highbrow stop,

look at art, listen to music, or simply just plop.

The gallery steps are ideal for sitting and jumping,

but no one is happy with drinks that are dumping.

After all of this fun you deserve something more,

so climb down in the bus tunnel, if it's 7 or before.

Too-brief hours are a drag on this neato free ride,

where you travel in comfort no matter what it's like outside.

But get off near the end and walk to Zeitgeist,

where the kindest baristas will treat you quite nice.

If you're lucky, with all the stars in your favor,

they'll have the best doughnut in your favorite flavor.

The trolley is exciting. Oh! The monorail, too.

And at parentmap.com, you'll find much more to do.

So get out and try something, fly a kite, climb a tree,

because soon you'll have aged, and you'll suddenly be 3.


Sand Point Playfield, 7400 Sand Point Way, 684-4946

Mount Baker, 2521 Lake Park Drive S., 684-4075

House of Hong, 409 Eighth S., 622-7997

Gordito's, 213 N. 85th, 706-9352

Stella Pizza & Ale, 5513 Airport Way S., 763-1660

Chez Gus, 2801 Alaskan Way, 267-0236

Todai, 7548 164th N.E., Redmond, 425-376-1922

Kids Cuts-n-Play, 7551 166th N.E., Redmond, 425-869-2527

Arena Sports, 4636 Marginal Way S., 762-8606

Seattle Symphony, 200 University, 215-4700

Seattle Art Museum, 100 University, 654-3100

Zeitgeist, 171 S. Jackson, 583-0497

Metro and trolley information 553-3000


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