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The Best of Seattle According to Cindi Rinehart

We're sick of trendy and especially sick of things that get trendy, then untrendy, then trendy again. Thus, we are sick of Belltown and leery of Georgetown. We do not want to get an '80s haircut. "Mediterranean-influenced" restaurants and the goddamn monorail or lack thereof can blow us. The anti-trendy is where it's at, and you can't get much more anti-trendy than CINDI RINEHART, people. She's been reviewing soap operas on Northwest Afternoon since 1984 back in the glory days of General Hospital (Luke, Laura, etc.). She lives in West Seattle, has a couple of schnauzers, and makes a mean pot roast. She is the only female sworn-and-besworded Seafair Pirate. We love her. We want to go live at her house.

Best Local TV Personality's Hair

Mine and [co-host] Elisa Jaffe's, because we are pampered at Gene Juarez, downtown Seattle. Mmmm, those massages.

Best Bowling Alley

West Seattle Bowl, because they also have a good Chinese restaurant, and everyone knows me there and doesn't tease me about all my gutter balls.

Best Place to Get Your Nails Done

Elegant Nail in West Seattle: I feel like it's an outtake from Steel Magnolias, what with all the juicy gossip that Tina has. Oh, great soaking foot pedicures as well.

Best Person to Have Do Your Nails There

Tina, of course.

Best Mall

The entire downtown. I just love our city. The Market, Pioneer Square—it's all there!

Best Place to Buy Shoes

Usually Nordies has great sales.

Best Place to Buy Clothing Accessories

I'm downtown again. You'll see me in Nordies and the Bon and several other specialty shops. Downtown rocks!

Best Snack to Eat While Watching Soap Operas

Well, it would have to be at my desk. We never have time for lunch. But you'll find popcorn, peanuts, Wheat Thins, and I am always bringing stuff from home. The favorite lunches are leftovers from my husband. Jim and me like our chili; we call it CinJim's. Then there's Jim's meat loaf that my producer, Sandy, loves. Sandy brings her homemade spaghetti and I bring my pot roast. And another producer, Steve Boyd, just begs for Peg's taco salad. So, as you can see, we "eat in."

Best Place to Eat on Mercer Island

It's called Thai Kitchen. Of course, I've never eaten there, but my husband swears by it.

Best Place to Eat in Ballard

Salmon Bay Cafe.

Best Cheap Stiff Drink

West Seattle's Corner Inn or Bella Capiella's—it's our Cheers bar. The owner, Laura, is wonderful, and we've met and have lots of friends there. Food's great, too. But it's the camaraderie that draws us there. Hello gang, see you at happy hour—you know who you are!

Best Karaoke

The Mickey Wilson Trio. But I divorced him 20 years ago. Oh, well.

Best Place to Buy a Used Sofa

Come to West Seattle in the summer and hit our yard sales. They have everything—and yes, I have seen a kitchen sink. Or visit our zesty folks at the Senior Center thrift store.

Best Place to Buy a Scarf

My friend Vicki down the street from me makes the most wonderful scarves.

Best Burgers

Oh, how I miss the Twin Teepees' burgers. But Two Bells downtown has awesome burgers. We can also walk there from the studio! Have you ever eaten at Two Bells? Oh!

Best Place to Get Pancakes

Bea's in West Seattle in the junction. It's one of the last local hangouts.

Best Place to Order Lobster

Go directly to Salty's for the best view and great Sunday brunches, and to Chandler's for the best dang crab dip in town. Rest of the food is good, too. Plus I have my own plaque at the bar. Go try and find it.

Best French Fries

Lowell's at the Public Market; not only that, it's the best place to people watch. I also have a tile at the market. Go find it. Clue: Behind the Coke machine.

Best Burrito

You've got two choices here: West Seattle's Guadalajara or Puerto Vallarta. Mmmm.

Best Coffee Shop

My house early in the morning. I take my schnauzers outside, let the cool marine air slowly wake me as I watch the sun trickle through the trees and glitter on the Sound. Now that's living.

Best Place to Buy a TV

Ask my husband, Jim. We have five. You'd think I could escape it in my own home.

Best Thing About West Seattle

It's still hanging on to the small-town feeling. Folks say hello to each other.

Best Job

Mine. I do what I love, I love what I do, and I still get paid for it. If that's not enough, here's my job description: "To make folks happy 15 minutes a day." I pray that I do that, and I hope that I can continue to work at that for many years to come. Hello viewers! Thanks for keeping me on the air for the last 18 years.

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