The Ride

How the candidates get to work


What to make of the fact that Democrat KEVIN GROSSMAN and Republican BOB RANSOM both drive Honda Accords? Do both candidates yearn for efficiency, cost savings, and cleaner air? Do they appreciate the financial savings that result from driving a sleek, finely tuned Japanese sedan? Or are they just more alike than anyone could have ever imagined? Let's examine the differences: Grossman's Accord is a 1990 model. Ransom's —his third—is an '84 with 230,000 miles on the odometer. (His last one collapsed after 274,000 miles). And incumbent MARALYN CHASE is the only candidate in this race who drives a truck—a Ford Ranger, with a bumper sticker that says "Real Women Drive Trucks," which Chase uses to shuttle herself and her daughter around to contracting jobs.

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