Rhymes with Seltzer

I'm often asked, Have any practitioners of rocka-roll attended one or more semesters of college or university, and what, if any, were their degrees and majors?

'S not an e-z question, nor an e-z quest, but after a bit of searchin' I've turned up a handful who gave it the old college "try" . . . but failed to make it to the finish line:

Jim Morrison (Pacific Suburban University, one semester, phys. ed.); Jerry Garcia (Palo Alto City College, two semesters, paleontology); Marilyn Manson (University of Newark, two semesters, history of television); Bill "Bootsy" Collins (London School of Economics, three semesters, undecided); Dick Dale (South Dakota Eucharist, four semesters, Indo-European languages); Ani DiFranco (Paloma Loma, West Virginia, College of Art, six semesters, acrylic studies); Thurston Moore (Guatemala Poly, seven-plus semesters, numismatics—dropped out three credits shy of a diploma).

As we slog through the Big Beat's sixth decade, only ONE rock-roller has graduated from a school of higher learning: Ted Nugent, who this past June received a B of S in hydronautic engineering from Indiana Cow College . . . yay hey! . . . and you probably thought it COULDN'T BE DONE!

Ted Nugent plays the Emerald Queen Casino at 8:30 p.m. Fri., Aug. 23. $25-$50.

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