Beauty's Where You Find It

Music locals tell us what's in vogue.

MOMENTS IN ROCK history have been forged as much by the color of artists' pants as the content of their character (or set list)—from Elvis' woo-doggy black leather on his '68 comeback special to Devo's red cone hats to Britney's is-that-a-nipple-or-is-it-a-rhinestone? jumpsuit at the 2000 MTV Video Awards. We took the opportunity to talk to a few of the local bands we think have elevated their stage look to an art form that complements the certain je ne sais quoi of their sound.


Seattle Weekly: What's the inspiration behind your stage look?

It's a cross between New York City and Oliver Twist. The filth and the flash of N.Y.C. has always appealed to me. The "dandy" aspect of my wardrobe probably comes from England—books like Oliver Twist, movies like A Clockwork Orange, and especially bands like the Faces or the Kinks.

Is there a leading fashion force in your band?

We all love the same stuff, but I would definitely admit to being an absolute monster when it comes to my threads. If one of my bandmates showed up wearing khakis and a baseball cap, there would be a fight. I would probably try to introduce them to Johnny Thunders, or maybe just get them hooked on heroin or something.

Do you have any lucky and/or superstitious items you must wear onstage?

My embossed leather cock ring that reads "Lizard King."


Seattle Weekly: What's the inspiration behind your stage look?

Our high-level professional management makes all of the fashion decisions and has a certain "look" that we must abide by.

What rock star's look first captured you?

Ted Nugent—I thought his crossbow was a nice touch.

Do you feel that what you wear onstage is and, should be, an important part of your live show?

Yes. Without the costumes, a Pleaseeasaur show would more closely resemble a showcase of your grandparents' vacation slides from Wichita.


Seattle Weekly: What rock star's look first captured you?

Ruben: Michael Jackson and his zippery coats and glittery glove; I was in second grade, though. I also grew up on a tiny farm in a tiny town called Smiley, Texas, [so] later it was early Metallica—jeans that fit and T-shirts. I was a very River's Edge hesher, minus a leather jacket—I could not afford one or find one in Smiley.

What would you like to see more or less of, fashion-wise, in Seattle bands?

Lacey: I like the whole dress-up outfit thing . . . but EVERY show? C'mon, people. I think it would be really cool if people rented full-body animal costumes from Champion Party Supply every once in a while—maybe we can get sponsored. Ruben is also pro-bands dressing like street gangs: You know, Warriors-style—matching jackets and shit ࠬa the Baseball Furies and the Lizzies.

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