We were all hot to print this exclusive photo for loyal DOON readers of Gavin Rossdale and Gwen Stefani's recent L.A. re-wedding (they'd already married


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We were all hot to print this exclusive photo for loyal DOON readers of Gavin Rossdale and Gwen Stefani's recent L.A. re-wedding (they'd already married a few weeks ago in London). But then we looked a little closer and realized that, besides the fact that Gavin looks really, really young, that's . . . not . . . Gwen. Yowch! Stefani better make sure that Mystery Blond is staying put in the past, if you know what we mean. . . . Enough of our slanderous insinuations, let's talk about someone else's: In the soon-to-be-released November issue of Spin, Dave Grohl has this to say of archenemy Courtney Love, and it's actually almost sweet: "As much as Courtney and I dislike each other, the few times that we've bumped into each other in person, we've kinda laughed at how ridiculous it [the ongoing litigation] all is. The last time we saw each other was at the Reading Festival a couple years ago, from the side of the stage. We glared at each other. And I just laughed. I thought, 'This is so stupid.'" Then again, this is the same man who only a few months ago tried to have her declared legally insane. . . . And talk about worthy adversaries: Ryan Adams has written a retort to Britney Spears' "Boys" with a song of the same title. He did it, because, he says, "I wanted to write a song in defense of men, because we're not all players. There are romantics who don't think about panty lines and don't talk shit about women. And just because Britney can't find one doesn't mean that I'm supposed to be chastised for it," he told Rolling Stone. "The song doesn't attack Britney or anything, it attacks this preconceived notion that men cannot be romantic intellectuals." Sheesh, Ryan, did we ever say you weren't a Renaissance man? In fact, we did not. And we can't wait for your wicked rebuttal to American Idol Kelly Clarkson's "A Moment Like This." . . . Holy cow. Remember when we said the Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players left Seattle for New York a few

months ago on a wave of bad feeling having to do with KEXP, several local labels, and the "music establishment" in general? Success must be the sweetest revenge, because now not only have they been featured in the New Yorker and Time Out New York and Spin, as we previously reported, they've also got themselves a spot on Late Night With Conan O'Brien Nov. 5 and were the lead feature in last weekend's New York Post entertainment section. Biting the Big Apple indeed. . . . Richard Ashcroft fans who've been holding their breath should exhale already—his second solo release, featuring collaborations with Beach Boy Brian Wilson, Asian Underground DJ Talvin Singh, and ex-Verve drummer Pete Salisbury, has been pushed back to next month. . . . If you're so impatient, you probably don't feel like waiting for director Richard Linklater's (Dazed and Confused, Waking Life) new movie School of Rock either, starring Jack Black as a substitute teacher who "shak[es] up the halls of an uptight private school with his rock 'n' roll ways." Instead, satisfy your sick cinema/rock urges with advance clips from Slashed, the homemade horror flick from British band Ash, which features cameos by Coldplay singer (and tourmate) Chris Martin, Dave Grohl, Moby, the Hives, the Vines, and more. Check it out at www.ash-unofficial.com. . . . While we're talking movies and music, the long-lost Quentin Tarantino is staging a comeback with his upcoming kung-fu thriller, Kill Bill, and he's hired Wu-Tang producer RZA and Metallica's Lars Ulrich to do the score. Mouthy Napster nemesis Lars we could do without, but RZA did a pretty excellent job with Jim Jarmusch's Ghost Dog soundtrack, so don't scoff yet. . . . Are you a lady, or do you just know some? Either way, you should turn out for Saturday, Oct. 12's LadyFest benefit at the Paradox, featuring the Bangs, Tami Hart, Delta Dart

(it rhymes!), and Amy Blashke. The actual fest won't happen till late March in Seattle, but the fund-raising starts now. Also working for a worthy cause—AIDS prevention—odd couple Missy Elliot and Dave Matthews will headline a show here on Nov. 7, with an Alicia Keys performance taped several weeks later in Cape Town, South Africa. The two concerts will then be spliced together and played out like they're simultaneous on MTV Dec. 1. If you want to see your sweaty, grinning face on basic cable, better start lining up now. . . . Finally, in some sad and disturbing news, a shoot-out outside I-Spy following Friday night's Gangsta Nutt show left two men dead and three people injured. According to reports, five men who fled the scene were caught after their SUV hit several parked cars, ran a red light, and smashed into another car. The suspects and police exchanged gunfire, with bullets shattering the windows of Bed, Bath & Beyond. Homicide detectives and officers from the gang and accident-investigation units are all working on the case, but it doesn't take a crystal ball to know this won't bode well for local hip-hop shows and their already beleaguered promoters.

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