Outdoor Tech for Tykes

No, Gore-Tex isn't any cheaper in child sizes.

Perhaps you've noticed that kids are all-weather accessory items. They don't melt in the rain; they don't stall in the snow. Still, you can't just park them outside alone or without sufficient protection from the elements. That's why good-quality, attractive oudoor paraphernalia for Northwest infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and up make great gifts during the season of puddle jumping and snowball fights. Let the games begin.


222 Yale Ave. N., 206-223-1944, www.rei.com

Kelty Child Carriers, $75-$275: One inspired model easily converts from carrier to stroller and back again. Others are designed for a range of outdoor situations, including casual-use front loaders and back carriers for the city. Beefier carriers are suited to all-season camping and—looking toward summer—extended backpacking trips.

Ziffco Ziffy Bogan Snow Sled, $15: Pulled via rope attachment. Parent must supply his or her own cardiovascular fitness.

Redfeather Snowpaws, $25: Snowshoes for kids, shaped like adorable little bear paws that leave itty-bitty ursine tracks in the snow.


2611 California Ave. S.W., 206-933-7999, www.seattletraders.com

InStep Ultimate Double Stroller, $300: Ideal for parents looking to exercise in the crisp autumn air while jogging the twins around Green Lake. Burn those carbs!

InStep Turbo Elite Trailer, $249: For bikers, a cute two-seat bike trailer converts to a stroller.

PathFinder Bike Trailer, $130: This wonderful device for inexperienced young riders attaches their little half-bike (!) to the back of your own wheels. Pedal faster, Dad!


500 Pine St., 206-628-2111, www.nordstrom.com

Omni Pants, $80: From Columbia Sportswear, for boys and girls—hence the "omni" designation.


2100 First Ave., 206-622-9700, www.patagonia.com

Overhead Hoody, $64: Warm, smart looking. Confers huge street cred with style-conscious preschoolers.

Baby Infurno, $68: Your intrepid tykes will be thoroughly weatherproof in this butt-kicking shell jacket.


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