You love him. He loves the outdoors. Here's what to drop in his (or her) stocking this year:


119 Yale Ave., 206-292-2210,


Rocking the Stocking

Rough and rugged stocking stuffers for $20 or less.

You love him. He loves the outdoors. Here's what to drop in his (or her) stocking this year:


119 Yale Ave., 206-292-2210,

Big Sky Bistro Coffee Press, $16: It's a coffee press and a mug, recommended ardently by Todd at Feathered Friends. Apparently the construction is sturdy, the grounds stay hidden away where they're supposed to, and the coffee's nearly perfect every time. Ready for Camp Muir!

Cascade Designs Z-Rest Seat, $10: On the PCT or at the stadium, this little air-enhanced pad will coddle your ass.

Pro-Knot Essential Rope Knots Fan Pack, $4.50: Genius! A waterproof plastic fan pack of rope-tying instruction cards. Covers just about every outdoor knot a person might need to make, including the dreaded Monkey's Fist. (Don't worry, it's less obscene than it sounds.)


510 Westlake Ave. N., 800-460-5939,

Outdoor Research Deluxe Tent Repair Kit, $17.99: For the unexpected rip in the ripstop on the Ptarmigan Traverse.

Outdoor Research Spring Ring Headnet, $9.99: Mosquitoes can kill a man while trekking in Africa or the Amazon. Save his life with this protective anti-bug netting.

Smartwool Light Hiker Socks, $10.99: They're wool. They're light. They're socks. Perfect gift.


222 Yale Ave., 206-223-1944,

Adventure Medical Suture/Syringe Medic Kit, $15.95 (only online): Help your paranoid friends stay prepared for the worst (does not cover psychological problems).

Chuckit, $12: Does his dog drool? Of course it does. This plastic hurler ensures he'll never have to touch another slimy tennis ball.

GSI Lexan Java Press and Jacket, $19.95: GSI's streamlined, silvery take on the portable press. With an insulating jacket. Sharp.

GSI Lexan Wine Glass, $5.95: Plastic two-piece wine glass screws apart for easy storage. Imagine two of these babies and a hunk of brie—instant romance while hiking the Hoh.

GSI Mini Espresso Maker, $12.95: Wine? Coffee? Espresso? Geez, outdoorspeople are shamefully chemically dependent. A nice gift nonetheless. Makes one cup for the extreme soloist.

GSI Stainless Steel Flask and Funnel Set, $19.95: 'Cause your ice-climbing aunt really needs to down a swig of Jim Beam before scaling Liberty Ridge. Says it "carries up to seven fluid ounces of your favorite liquid."

Lewis 'N' Clark Fogless Mirror, $15: If that same aunt falls to her drunken death above Thumb Rock, at least her makeup will look good.

MPI Outdoors Esbit Pocket Stove, $9.95: Fire in your pants for that unplanned bivy where you've just gotta brew a cup of tea.

Princeton Tec Pulsar Keychain Light, $7.95: For key chain or carabiner. Great for tent-wall puppet shows. A favorite with ganja enthusiasts.

Zuke's Power Bones, $4.95: Energy bars for dogs. Probably taste about as good as energy bars for humans.

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