Love Bites

Recently a friend gave me a copy of the Television Personalities' The Painted Word from 1984. Unsuspectingly one Sunday afternoon, I stuck it in my CD player while cleaning up my room and not two minutes into the first song, "Stop and Smell the Roses," I was hit with a profoundly debilitating sadness. Even before the chorus, tears were streaming from my eyes and my heart clenched like a fist—yet when the song was over, I went to my stereo and played it again. Sorrow, when presented perfectly in song, has a highly addictive quality. So in honor of Valentine's Day, I brought my pen and paper to a recent show at the Sunset Tavern and asked some friends from local bands to commiserate. Here's what I found out: Even the tough guys (and girls) cry. LAURA CASSIDY

Dan Wood (Right On!)

"Don't Let It Bring You Down," Neil Young

Lisa Rickenberg (the Wiretaps)

"Splash 1," Thirteenth Floor Elevators

Erin Wood (the Spits, Born Innocent)

"Ride On," AC/DC

Wayne Sevard (the Spits, Born Innocent)

"Life Is an Illusion," Joe Walsh

Tracy Nelson (Born Innocent)

"Anything," Eric Burdon

Jessie Lowe (Born Innocent)

"Fade to Black," Metallica

Dave Bessenhoffer (Make-Out Choir), Lisa Seguin (Make-Out Choir)

"God Only Knows," Beach Boys

Ruben Mendez (Charming Snakes, Make-Out Choir)

"Tears of a Clown," Smokey Robinson

Lacey Swain (Charming Snakes, the Snacks)

"You Are My Sunshine," Traditional

Joe Arnone (Charming Snakes)

"So Long, Marianne," Leonard Cohen

Kellie Payne (New Luck Toy, Charming Snakes)

"Into My Arms," Nick Cave

Steve King (New Luck Toy)

"In the Pines," Leadbelly

Lars Finberg (A-Frames, the Intelligence)

"My Son Calls Another Man Daddy," Hank Williams

Dean Whitmore (The Intelligence)

"Here Comes a Regular," the Replacements

Jed Maheu (The Intelligence)

"Sunday Morning Coming Down," Kris Kristofferson

Erin Sullivan (A-Frames, the Dipers)

"Benediction de Dieu Dans la Solitude," Franz Liszt

Min Yee (A-Frames)

"A Sense of Belonging," Television Personalities

Heath Heemsbergen (the Dark Places)

"Refrigerator Door," Human Switchboard

Shannon McConnell (the Pulses)

"Walk Away Renee," the Left Banke

Dave Hernandez (Broadcast Oblivion)

"Goodbye Yellow Brick Road," Elton John

Kurt Bloch (Sgt. Major)

"Father and Son," Cat Stevens

Jeff Albertson (the Lights)

"New Birds," Arab Strap

Nicholas Brawley (Popular Shapes)

"New Slang," the Shins

Ross Marshall (the Cripples)

"If I Happen to Fall Down (in Your Arms)," Seagull Screaming Kiss Her Kiss Her

Tara Thomas (the Ewoks)

"Rainbow Connection," Kermit the Frog

Ursula Android (Ursula and the Androids)

"Janitor of Lunacy," Nico

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