Making Up Is Hard to Do

We put our best face forward to find the look of the season.

Getting spring on your mind is easygetting it on your face is more complicated. With so many options to choose from and endless trends to dodge (Dewy! Glossy! Glam!), selecting the right makeup can be an overwhelming task. We took our model, Erin, to makeup artists representing three different cosmetic lines and asked them to go crazy with their spring color palettes. The looks they came up with were as distinct as their respectivecompanies; the variety may be a sign that what's in this spring is individuality.

Aveda Store and Spa

1015 First Ave. (under the Alexis Hotel), 206-628-9605,


The Look

Foundation: Base Plus Balance foundation in "Sand," $18

Eyes: Uruku Eye Accent in "Acacia" as full-lid color wash, $14; Uruku Eye Accent in "Yuca" in crease of the lid, $14; Uruku Eye-Lip Color Liner in "Kava" lines the upper lash line, $12; Shadow Plus Vitamins in "Earthen" on brows, $10; Mosscara in "Madeira Grape," $14

Lips: Uruku Eye-Lip Color Liner in "Verona" as liner and all-over lip base, $12; Uruku Lip Pigment (Sheer) in "Camellia" as top coat, $14

Cheeks: Uruku Cheek-Lip Cr譥 in "Guava," $14

Annabella says: "It's the natural, radiant look. [Aveda colors] are all natural. You get a subtle but fresh look from themit's all from the earth."

We say: The rain forest plant pigment in Aveda's Uruku line gives all the products an earthy, red-brown hue. Light and shimmery without shine or tacky sparkles, the colors create that "I'm glowing" look of inner radiance. Hard to make these colors look harsh or flashyit's a great daytime look. The purple mascara is a fun twist (and surprisingly subtle).

MAC Cosmetics

Nordstrom, 500 Pine St., 206-628-1066


The Look

Foundation: Select Cover-up in "NW20," $12.50; Select SPF15 Foundation in "NW20," $22

Eyes: Paint in "Bamboom" as full-lid base, $15; Small Velvet Eye Shadow in "Vanilla" on brow bone, $12.50; Eye Shadow in "Color Scheme 1: Stimulated Copper" as full-lid color and as under-eye liner, $30 quad; Eye Shadow in "Color Scheme 2: Studded Brown" in crease and outer corners of the lid and as upper-eye liner, $30 quad; Pro Longlash Mascara in "Pitch Black," $9.50

Lips: Lip Pencil in "Spice" as liner and all-over lip base, $11.50; Lipglass Stain in "Restrained Rust" as top coat, $13

Cheeks: Sheertone Blush in "Pinch o' Peach," $16

Erika says: "[It's a] fresh, copper and peach, '60s-inspired look that can go from the office to an evening out."

We say: Emphasis on the "evening out"we don't know any office staff with makeup like this! MAC is all about drama and makeup as art, and best for those with talent and lots of time in the morning (less capable users risk looking like extras in a horror flick). Still, this look is great on Erin'60s-inspired indeed and very Cleopatra, with all that gold-brown and copper. And hey, honey, if you can work it like this at the office, by all means, flaunt it.

Stila Cosmetics

Nordstrom, 500 Pine St., 206-628-1085


The Look

Foundation: Cover-up Stick in "Shade D," $17; Illuminating Liquid Foundation in "40 Watts," $35; Illuminating Pressed Powder in "Light Watt," $35; Eye Concealer in "Light," $16

Eyes: Eye Shadow Trio in "Peach Daiquiri" as eye color, accent, and liner, $30

Lips: Lip Pencil in "Contour #1" as liner and all-over lip base, $14; Lip Polish in "Spangle" as top coat, $24

Cheeks: Convertible Color in "Lillium," $28

Anna says: "It's a light, peachy look; very soft, feminine, floral. It's pretty naturalnothing over the topjust to enhance [her] natural beauty."

We say: A fresh, pretty, peachy look. It's somewhere between the barely there Aveda face and the MAC drama. Not too much for a picnic on the waterfront, but still done-up enough for a night out.

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