The Offspring Stick It to Axl

Plus news on Fred Durst, The Flaming Lips, and more.

Oh glory be. While you silly folks were busy with shows like Neko Case and Carissa's Wierd on Saturday night, a true musical mastermind was in our midst. That's right kids: Mr. Fred Durst, a.k.a. The Man Who Did It All for the Nookie, took himself and 16 of his closest friends down to Queen Anne club Mr. Lucky's on Saturday night, first greasing the doorman with $300 before sailing through to the VIP section, where the Bizkit posse stayed for two hours (along with one lucky birthday girl and her crew, already wedged into the VIP area) and partook of Seattle's wine, women, and song. So to what does our city owe this great honor? Fred and the band were here to perform at Wrestlemania, a pairing we can only call a true meeting of the minds. . . . If you still really want to know all about those other shows, we guess we can tell you about at least one of them: Neko Case. So here's the story from our spy: "Everybody's favorite redhead was back in Seattle, capping EMP's Women's History Month with a series of outstanding performances with her two most frequent female cohorts, Corn Sister Carolyn Mark and Bloodshot Records buddy Kelly Hogan. The trio sat for an entertaining interview session with moderator Ann Powers before a two-set Sky Church blowoutstandouts included covers of the Everly Brothers' "Crying in the Rain" and a night-capping Loretta Lynn medley. A Sunday afternoon kids' concert found Case and Hogan seamlessly mixing nursery faves ("Rubber Ducky") in with country standards ("Wayfaring Stranger") that kept both toddlers and adults in rapt attention." Beat that with a stick, Fred. . . . What kind of DOON would it be without some White Stripes news? Oh, probably a more exciting one, but who cares? There's a whole caboodle of bits this week, starting with the fact that Meg and Jack will begin a four-night residency on Late Night With Conan O'Brien starting April

22 to push the release of Elephant. Those appearances actually bisect a two-week cross-country tour that includes four California dates and nothing even near Seattle. Register your displeasure if you wish at, or forget all that and check out the Flaming Lips' upcoming EP, Fight Test, which includes the Yoshimi single of that name, plus a cover of Beck's "The Golden Age," Kylie Minogue's "Can't Get You Out of My Head," and a track called "Thank You Jack White (for the Fiber Optic Jesus That You Gave Me)." . . .

Back in black: the Murder City Devils.

The shit's going up and down more often than Christina Aguilera's skirt these last few days, and though it jumps from Web site to Web site, as of press time the entirety of Radiohead's new album Hail to the Thief was available online. We recommend proceeding with caution at for dangerous-sounding tracks like "We Suck Young Blood" and "Punch Up at a Wedding." . . . And speaking of albums, the Offspring have taken on Guns N' Roses with their hilariously titled new record Chinese Democracy (You Snooze, You Lose). As you devoted fans may know, Axl's been talking about releasing a GN'R record of that same title (minus the "Snooze" part) for eight years, even though a title was all he ever seemed to have. Axl's all up on the lawyers with a cease-and-desist order, but so far the Offspring's only response has come from frontman Dexter Holland: "Axl ripped off my braids, so I ripped off his album title." Haw. . . . Look for the dearly departed Murder City Devils' R.I.P., out April 22 on Sub Pop. The disc features the band's live swan song at the Showbox on Halloween 2001. . . . Can it be true? It must be, because it's too good: Little gossip birdies say that Interpol have signed a $10,000 deal with L.A. Style hair gel for a lifetime supply of goop. Now that's punk as fuck. . . . Also P as F (gag): Avril Lavigne covering Bob Dylan's "Knockin' on Heaven's Door" for the upcoming War Child: Hope album, a fund-raiser for the children of Iraq. Not to diss a good cause, but didn't GN'R do it better? Anyway, you might still look forward to the other 16 tracks, which will include contributions from David Bowie, Moby, Spiritualized, and Travis. . . . In show news, it looks like the early Bumber buzz is this: R.E.M. will kick off a six-week national tour at the Labor Day festival (no word on

which of their rotating openersWilco, Ed Harcourt, and Sparklehorsewill appear). . . . Other new bookings includes ye olde annual Built to Spill run (the Showbox, May 31-June 2), the Rapture (Graceland, May 9), Fourtet (Chop Suey, June 4), and the Postal Service (Crocodile Cafe, May 1), all of which we heartily recommend. Sadly, the Turin Brakes show slated for April 4 at the Chop has been postponed because Middle Eastern band members were refused a U.S. work visa, and April 3's CKY show at Graceland is rescheduled for May 19 because guitarist Chad Ginsburg broke his tailbone in Chicago running down a flight of stairs to sign autographs (no joke). Ah, the price of fame. But those are only two small setbacksspring has sprung, and DOON is happier than a bug in a goddamn rug. Cheers!

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