Jonny Lang

Whew. Finished. Eyes. Teeth. Four hours in a day! Days w/out wacking (the sap dries up). Evening the score? The score is even. Did they shorten the playing field? A typo you should know about. Calm? Forget it. A fondling memory. Rooms. Where'sCharlie? Let them all rot. All noise . . . the world is over. The marginalization of desire. Lit-crit dialogue w/Todd Grimson. Sand. Where I. Darn blackdust. Wise and dumb . . . wise w/out edge . . . wisdom as glop. "War stories." The kids are fucked. Gary Snyder and I finally agree on something. The decline and fall of wrestling. Foreign objects weekend? Hard vs. easy: no time to lose. Pride. Vanity. Why do we strive? Monogamy. Polygamy. Adultery. The night alone. Who is Doggy Julian? I can't be comprehensive . . . pieces always fly away. "Provisional" is my alibiand lie. Nicotine would help. Never a parent (the buck stopped there). Not just Jerry Springer but political comedy. Can't read your handwriting. My book is done! And right on time, becuz Jonny Lang is COMING TO TOWN.

Jonny Lang plays the Emerald Queen Casino at 8:30 p.m. Sat., April 26. SOLD OUT

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