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I'm an experienced male who has been told by my partners that they enjoy our lovemaking. They discuss my size, duration, and the intimate touching involved. But they've almost never talked about the final, liquid part of the act and how it affects them. I know a major part of sexual turn-on is the initial clitoral stimulation; ladies seem to respond wonderfully to it. But what reading I've done suggests that it may be the biggest part of a woman's pleasure, perhaps all of it in some cases.

I remember one woman who was fascinated by the male orgasm. She was healthy and on the pill, so I screwed her bare-cockand she seemed to love feeling me blow my load in her. If I didn't come before withdrawing, she'd make it happen. But, several partners later, I'm using condoms with my current mate, and she professes to coming her brains out without any obvious indication that I am too. Sometimes she even asks if I have.

With all this mutually cool sex, this needn't be an issue, but I'm curious about it. Give me and others your thoughts and experience: If internal massage is enough to blow a lady's mind, is the male climax just for reproduction or does it add to her pleasure? Are women just turned on by the idea that they can make us comeor do those internal spurts of semen give them a genuine tingle?

Committed Comer

In order to head off the inevitable flurry of hysterical rants from the PC Police, I would like to state for the record that the Girl of Date in no way endorses love sans glove. Ladies and gentlemen should always use condoms. But once in a great while, grown-ups get involved in monogamous, committed relationships where they first get tested for various and sundry social diseases, come up clean, and decide to enjoy intercourse without a sheath of latex between them. And that's OK. So let's just assume it's these humans we're speaking of.

Though an elastic little organ, the vagina is only about 4 inches long. The inner two-thirds of it contain far fewer nerve endings than the first third. The cervix has no nerve endings at all. This means that while the outer third of the vagina is extremely sensitive to touch, once you go deep (and hopefully you're equipped to do so), it responds to pressure but is rather oblivious to nuancelike ejaculation. What this boils down to is that most times, until your jizz leaks down and out of us, we can't really tell if you've shot your load or not. Of course, you might be the helpful sort who announces it using verbal clues or by collapsing once you're done, but it can be a mystery.

If a girl likes the guy she's sleeping with (which she hopefully does), of course his orgasm gets her all hot and bothered. But if you bag a dame who's grouchy, in need of a snack, or doesn't really like you that much to start with, your orgasm doesn't much matter one way or the other. There's nothing technically arousing about a twat full of semen. But it can be most pleasant nonetheless.

A few months back, a medical journal called the Archives of Sexual Behavior published a somewhat sketchy report saying that women who had sex with men who didn't use condoms were less depressed than women who engaged in gloved love. Other researchers dispute this fact, but it's an interesting ejaculatory tidbit nonetheless!

I'm a firm believer that the best part of ungloved love is the treat that comes later . . . the little gush of leftover fuckjuice that dribbles out hours after the fact. Nothing like going about your girl business, painting your toenails or hanging out at the OTB, and being pleasantly surprised by a little jizz drizzle running down the inside of your thigh. You're instantly transported back to the bedroom (or kitchen or park bench), reliving the moments of impact. This can get a little embarrassing if you happen to be having lunch with your mom or drinks with the husband you've been stepping out on, but mostly it's like a mini-acid flashback without the trippy colors or Grateful Dead soundtrack.

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