Cascadia, Roxy's Deli, and Metropolitan Markets

25 FOR 25 FOR 25 FOR . . .

There's no such phrase as "too much of a good thing" at Cascadia. They had so much fun participating in March's "25 for $25" event that they've decided to continue in the same spirit with a $25 prix-fixe tasting menu, available every day and changing every month. For May, Kerry Sears and his staff whip up minted spring pea soup, grilled asparagus and radish salad, paprika-seared halibut, chive- and parmesan-crusted chicken, orange sea salt-rubbed hangar steak, floating island with chocolate mousse,and black currant ice cream with sugar cookies. Diners will know how limiting the above saying can be, however: You're restricted to only three dishes from those listed here. 2328 First Ave., 206-448-8884. BELLTOWN LEANER CUISINE

There's nothing like a personal interest to stimulate invention. Peter Glick of Cascioppo Brothers Meat Market went on the high-protein, low-carb Atkins Diet and learned what many other would-be slimmies have learned to their sorrow: There are very few Atkins-style prepared foods out there, particularly in the freezer case. Thus were born Cascioppo's LC frozen dinners, which have been walking out of the company's Roxy's Deli on N.W. 80th in North Ballard ever since their introduction, without press fanfare, in February. Sticking to basic meats and greens (so that dieters can make individual carb-loading adjustments), the main-dish meals include pot roast with onions, carrots, and greens; lamb stew (with lamb sausage); and a mushroom-loaded coq au vin. Among the single-entrée items: mushroom-walnut-stuffed pork chops in pancetta and basil- parmesan-coated chicken breasts. All the recipes have had plenty of fine-tuning: "Nearly everybody here has been on Atkins one time or another," says deli manager Lisa Raimundo. The frozen main dishes serve two and run a reasonable $8 to $10; fresh daily Atkins-style specials are also available in the $4 to $6 range. METRO MARKETING

Food Markets Northwest CEO Terry Halvorson has finally made his move: No longer will he operate his upscale Queen Anne, West Seattle, and Tacoma grocery stores under the venerable Thriftway brand. The new name is Metropolitan Markets, and it will soon stand proudly over two new locations: Seattle's Hawthorne Hills (in the ex-Albertson's at N.E. 55th and 40th N.E.) and Federal Way's Dash Point Shopping Center (in a refurbished and expanded QFC location). If the city of Mercer Island sees fit, a third Metro Market will soon see the light of day in a former Safeway in the downtown business district just off I-90. Halvorson's not the first retailing entrepreneur to trade up to his own supermarket brand: QFC, Larry's, and Top Foods all started out under the Thriftway blanket. Announcing the name change, Halvorson said his stores' "unique product selection has deviated from the Thriftways not owned by FMNW," so a new name will "allow us to tell our story more effectively." WASHINGTON STATE APPLE COMMISSION 1937-2003 R.I.P. Food and/or beverage news? E-mail Hot Dish at food@

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