Nudie mag, nudie mag under my bed, which sexy girl rocker comes out ahead? The results of Playboy's Rock My Hard Place search for the


Days of Our Nights

Neko Case in Playboy landslide, plus news on Courtney, Costello, the Strokes, and more.

Nudie mag, nudie mag under my bed, which sexy girl rocker comes out ahead? The results of Playboy's Rock My Hard Place search for the hottest babes in indie rock are in, and the winner is . . . Neko Case, with 32 percent of the votes! We put ours in for Glass Candy & the Shattered Theatre's Ida No (who came in third, behind Jucifer's Amber Valentine but ahead of Caithlin from Rainer Maria). In an online interview with, Neko said she cast hers for Cat Power, and admitted that she would consider posing for the mag"I'll definitely have to think about it. Believe me, it's on my mind, and I feel very honored to be asked"but that no matter what, "the music's gotta come first." Which is, of course, why we're writing this whole item in the first place. Right. . . . Speaking of good-looking women, Courtney Love has put out an open casting call for touring band members in papers like the Village Voice and LA Weekly, in which she requests they meet two (randomly capitalized) qualifications: "Must play BASS or GUITAR (Really Play) and look like a Goddess." Love also recommends you share her passion for the Emily the Strange clothing line, obscure '60s pysch bands from the Nuggets compilations, and the freaky 1970 Mick Jagger flick, Performance. Anyway, she'll need to get the group together fasther first live date is a scheduled appearance at the Reading festival in the U.K. with Metallica, System of a Down, and Good Charlotte (urgggh) in August, to be followed by a U.S. fall tour in support of her upcoming album, America's Sweetheart. . . . Though booker Brian Foss sent out news last week that Zak's might be closing its doors for good in early June, it looks like there might be a last-minute reprieve after all; Foss is in negotiations to possibly buy the place out himself, so keep your fingers crossed. In the meantime,

Saturday's FM Knives and A-Frames show was packed tighter than a constipated bear's butt, with so many whooping fans (including Sub Pop owner Jonathan Poneman and a good number of his employees) crammed in for the Knives' balls-out rock fest and the Frames' darker, sleeker sound, it seemed like the walls might give out. But let's just say, not the hottest sight lines in the worldif the A-Frames' Erin wasn't so tall, we might have gone the whole night without seeing an actual band member. . . . Thursday's Postal Service show at the Crocodile couldn't have been more different, but DOON hearts nothing if not diversity, and we must say it was separate but equal, if not even better. Say what you want about Give Up's fey beats and el sensitivo lyrics, we think they give emo-tronic a good name, and the interplay between Ben Gibbard and Rilo Kiley's Jenny Lewis was even (gasp!) flat-out sexy. We heard some grumblings from the more butch members of the crowd during the encore, a synthed-out version of Phil Collins' "Against All Odds," but we ourselves were charmed. . . . The Little Guest Drummer That Could strikes again: Mr. Ubiquitous Dave Grohl has reportedly recorded a number of drum tracks for veteran post-punk band Killing Joke's upcoming album (yes, they're still around). Word on the street, though, is that he'll be too busy with a Foo Fighters tour to do any live stuff with the band. . . . Keep your eyes peeled for the new Mooney Suzuki video for the single "In a Young Man's Mind": It stars Jack Black as the band's short-fused manager doing what managers do giving lots of pep talks to band members, making nonstop freaked-out cell phone calls, and wearing sunglasses unnecessarily at night. The band will return the favor by making a cameo in the upcoming Tenacious D movie. . . . The government might want to hunt down all you MP3 downloaders like dirty dogs

and shoot you, but Wilco still love you: Fans who bought Yankee Foxtrot Hotel can insert the CD into their computer to gain access to a new six-song EP, complete with graphics, recording information, and various other goodies. The band originally intended to release the tracks through their label Nonesuch, but decided they "didn't want to sell a 21-minute record for 10 bucks or whatever it would cost to get into stores," according to their "digital strategist" Ken Waagner. . . . Maybe it was downloading Hail to the Thief that changed their minds: The Strokes have broken up (they insist amicably) with producer Nigel Goodrich of Radiohead, Beck, and Travis fame, who had been in trial sessions with the group to work on their follow-up to Is This It. According to the band's very polite manager, Ryan Gentles, "All parties involved had a lovely experience and Nigel and the band really did get on famously. It just wasn't meant to be in the studio, I suppose." Instead, they'll go back to Is This It producer Gordon Raphael. . . . Finally, congratulations to Elvis Costello, who announced his engagement to crazy-popular Canadian soft-jazz lady Diana Krall a mere eight months after his divorce from former Pogues bassist Cait O'Riordan, and a get-well-soon to poor Har Mar Superstar, who came down with a bad case of shingles last week. He went ahead and opened for the Hot Hot Heat in London anyway, complete with a wheelchair and a sexy nurse. What a trooper.

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