An Introduction

Face it: This just isn't the summer for spending a month in Provence. SARS, war, terrorism, surlier-than- usual French waiters . . . it's simply not the time for intercontinental travel, to say nothing of the fact that your 401(k) is in the tank, and you may have no job when you get back. Luckily there's some fun, low-cost close-to-town options. Who needs the Rh�River Valley when you can bike your way through the wineries of Woodinville? Why bother with the casinos of Monaco when we've got the Seattle Strip in Tukwila? Instead of filet mignon on the C�d'Azur, how about fish and chips at Spud's? Look, they hate us abroad. Bush has ruined your summer vacation. Better to enjoy foreign cultures at Folklife in the safety and comfort of Seattle Center. The new unilateralism begins at home!

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