So spring has sprung, yes? And so our thoughts turnin a totally non-R. Kelly way, honestto the sweetness of youth. Specifically, the plethora of all-ages-oriented


Days of Our Nights

The kids are Alright, Bumbershoot bonanzas, the death of a legend, and more.

So spring has sprung, yes? And so our thoughts turnin a totally non-R. Kelly way, honestto the sweetness of youth. Specifically, the plethora of all-ages-oriented activities popping up over the next 10 days. First comes the sad, sad send-off for one the scene's longest-running, most hard-core supporters: Kate Becker, longtime director of the Old Firehouse, VERA Project leader, JAMPAC member, and tenacious Teen Dance Ordinance fighter. Becker has personal obligations that will take her back to the East Coast for the foreseeable future, and so the Blood Brothers, Akimbo, and Rocky Votolato will see her out in style at the Firehouse on Friday, May 23. You may also notice, as we did on roadie-about-town Dylan, fresh tribute tattoos featuring various incarnations of the Kate Becker Army slogan on the arms, legs, and backsides of a number of all-ages mainstays. Permanent ink? Shit, that's love and devotion. And speaking of devotion, those of you with an undying passion for all things fermented and fuck-you-uppable will appreciate the chance to drink for a good cause (other than your liver's eventual doom) next Wednesday, May 28 at Linda's Tavern. The VERA benefit, titled A Drink for the Kids, will feature a live broadcast of sponsor KEXP's Roadhouse with pay-to-play requests and special benefit beverages on offer from 5-8 p.m. And finally, speaking not at all of drinks will be Ian MacKaye, the infamously straight-edge frontman of a little band called Fugazi (as well as, way back in the day, one Minor Threat, whom you also may have heard of); the Dischord Records co-owner and all-around icon will come to the VERA on Tuesday, May 28 for a question-and-answer session. $3 gets you in. . . . $3 will most certainly not get you in to this year's Bumbershoot festival, but it will buy you one tasty funnel cake when you get there. Gnaw on

it while waiting in long Bumber-lines for any and all of the following so-far-confirmed artists: R.E.M., Wilco, Modest Mouse, Common, Black Eyed Peas, Macy Gray, De La Soul, and Solomon Burke, plus a sure-to-be-solid lineup of local bands and 1,001 stinky drum circles. . . . E-Bay junkies like us might want to hop over to the auction site's U.K. base, currently home to a number of rock star microphones being sold in the name of Better Hearing and Speech Month. No joke. Some, like the mikes autographed by Judas Priest, Styx, and Queens of the Stone Age, finished up on May 19 in the solid $150-$350 range, but you can still bid on low-reserve mikes from J.Lo (already over $300 at press time), the Eagles' Glen Frey (whoo!), Oasis, System of a Down, and both Ozzy and Kelly Osbourne (at press time beating her dad $86-$76). . . . Speaking of the Osbournes, as you've likely heard by now, poor Kelly got the boot from Epic/Sony after her debut album failed to sell more than 150,000 copies (oh, cry for her, Argentina), and daddy Ozzy has followed suit by ditching his 20-year relationship with the label. Mostly, we hear, because Sharon's so pissed about Kelly, and we all know who wears the boss-man pants in that family. . . . Check for the band's new video and an interesting little mock-trailer called the Most Gigantic Lying Mouth of All Time. Strange, but intriguing. . . . Oh, the irony. Just as former STP frontman Scott Weiland officially announced his joining with Guns N' Roses escapees Slash, Matt Sorum, and Duff McKagan in their new project, Reloadedbeating out the likes of Sebastian Bach and Buck Cherry's Josh Toddhe got, well, reloaded. The Stoned Temple Pilot was arrested on charges of drug possession after officers allegedly found narcotics in his car

during a routine traffic stop. Though currently out on bail, Weiland's repeat offense may violate his parole, thus putting an unfortunate kink in his Reloaded future. . . . A little birdie at Sub Pop tells us that the Artist Humper Currently Known as Winona Ryder must have been taking a breather from her make-out sessions with Conor Oberst, seeing as how she had time enough to attend two (count 'em!) Iron & Wine shows in a row in L.A., all the while shooting love-puppy "You're next" eyes at frontman Sam Beam. Gentlemen, place your bets. . . . OK, so it was kind of cute when we heard Iggy Pop was doing that duet with Peaches for her upcoming album, and we love that the Stooges reunited for Coachella last month, but the news that Iggy's just recorded a track for his new album with snot-nosed TRL toppers Sum 41 is sort of freaking us out. Lust for life, yes; lust for Canadian dork-punk, no. . . . Poor Ryan Adams. He says his next album, Love Is Hell, is finished, but his record label begs to differ. According to Adams' Web site, "We don't know what to do with it . . . or should I say, 'They' don't know what to do with it. I've heard adjectives like 'incredibly too depressing' andthis one's funny'dark.' Also, 'not your best stuff.'" Lost Highway's A&R vice president claims it was never ready when Adams said it was, but Ryan insists it was the rough, "too alternative rock sound" they really objected to; hence the fixing. Updates as they come in, we promise. . . . And finally, a heartfelt farewell to June Carter Cash. It may have been Tammy Wynette who sang "Stand By Your Man," but June lived it, supporting Johnny through his years of amphetamine addiction and erratic, abusive behavior, and she not only co-wrote his classic "Ring of Fire," but was country music royalty in her own right, doing all kinds of indescribably awesome things

(constant touring, film acting, memoir writing, raising children) before she succumbed to heart problems last week at 73.

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