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Fremont frees PCC, Om cooking, and more.

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    No longer will you have to choose between parking in Wallingford or risking your life making that illegal turn into the tiny and already full parking lot at the Puget Consumers Co-op's Fremont branch. In just one week, if all goes well, the new and definitely improved PCC Fremont opens at 600 N. 34th St.just about as far west of the Fremont Bridge as the old store is east of itwith ample underground parking, twice the sales space, and hours from 6 a.m. to midnight daily. Other highlights: a greatly enlarged area for fresh produce, breads fresh-baked from nearby Essential Baking Co. dough, and seating for 60 on a solar-panel-roofed outdoor patio.


    The culinary competition team of the Art Institute of Seattle is leaving nothing to chance in the run-up to the national finals of the Junior Hot Food Competition in D.C. next month. To ensure maximum coordination and mental calm during the high-pressure event July 23, the team will do yoga. When Franz Popperl suggested the idea before the knife-skills portion of state trials in Spokane, some of the team members were dubious, says team member Hayley Vause, but "our coaches were nervous, too, and they said, 'Just do what the judge suggests, OK?' And we found it really helped us focus on our goal, so we did it in Portland, too, and plan to do it in D.C."


    School closing for summer vacation is a cause for celebration for most kids, but those getting free or reduced-price school meals stand to lose breakfast and lunch five days a week. Northwest Harvest is seeking donations of food, money, and people's time to take up the slack. Volunteers are needed for several benefit events over the summer, and to help at Northwest Harvest's Seattle warehouse. People interested in giving food or money should contact Northwest Harvest at 206-625-0755. To volunteer at an event, ask for Jean Allenbach, or if you can help at the warehouse, talk to Jeri Chonle.


    Think there's a bit of the ol' heartland farmer in you? Just $35 will buy you a reality check. FarmLink, a program of the Cascade Harvest Coalition, is hosting a June 20 bus tour of five family farms in King and Snohomish counties, all specializing in up-to-date alternative, diversified, and sustainable agriculture. The all-day tour starts at 8 a.m., and pre-registration and payment are required. For more information, contact


    Think you're pretty cool refilling and reusing that old nipple-top water bottle till it springs a leak, don't you? Well, wipe the smug smile off your eco-friendly face, buster: Those bottles are made out of polyethylene terephthalate, and the longer you use them, the more toxic chemicals migrate out of the plastic into your water, including one known to cause liver problems and "reproductive difficulties," whatever those are. And washing out the bottles regularly just makes the chemicals leach faster! And chlorine speeds up the process! Makes you wonder why the authorities allow this plastic to be used in the first place, doesn't it? (A tip o' the hat to PCC's Sound Consumer newsletter for turning us on to this nasty bit of news.)

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