Yo La Tengo

Guess whatI'm opening for Yo La Tengo! Um, well, not in Seattle. In Portland. The day after . . . the 14th. Don't know if they're paying me (I hope so).

But no, I'm not actually "playing," ha . . . I'll be reading a buncha poems. Like maybe this one:

Spill not my ashes

in the Ganges, babe.

Scatter them

to the stinging


on raindark streets

of your own choosing,

but reserve a table-

spoon or two

for the groove

of your filthy fat


Rub some of me there

with your little


deep and


would ya do

that, darlin'?

Or maybe I won't read that one.

HeyI've opened already for Cat Power, I've opened for Guided by Voices. Having been an opening act, I sympathize with opening acts. True-life experiencethat's how come my writing is so pop-yoo-list.

(Henry Rollins, by the way, once opened for meso what, eh?)

But anyway, Yo La Tengo. "I got it." Baseball band. National League.

Yo La Tengo plays the Showbox at 9 p.m. Fri., June 13 with the Clean. $17/$15 adv.

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