Pike Place Market Cookbook

Recipes, Anecdotes, and Personalities from Seattle's Renowned Public Market. By Braiden Rex-Johnson

I don't go to the Market nearly often enough. I usually dart in early on Saturday mornings, rush to my favorite stalls and stores, top it off with a shrimp wedge from the Chinese take-out stand, and rush home before the suffocation of tourist gridlock. No morethanks to the Pike Place Market Cookbook, Braiden Rex-Johnson's joyous tour of the Market and the food and people who make it our one true civic treasure. By all means, read this book for funbut I plan to cook my way through it. Every recipe beckons, from the Pink Door's terrific fava bean bruschetta to Woodring Orchards' chilled strawberry soup. This book is an essential companion to Seattle living and should be a part of every welcome wagon for new residents. Thank you, Peter Steinbrueck, for saving the Market; and thank you, Braiden, for the Pike Place Market Cookbook. LUCILLA food@seattleweekly.com

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