If you thought your summer job would never lead to anything, think again. Luca Guerrieri sold gelato while attending business school in his native Italy. Now, after 12 years as Seagram's sales manager for Italy, he's running the most authentic Italian gelateria in Seattle. At Bottega Italiana, American influence is limited to coffee (in Italy, coffee comes in 8-ounce cups at the largest) and a stack of the Parker Brothers board games in the corner. You will find no mint chocolate chip or cookie dough on the menu. But while Baskin-Robbins addicts may be disappointed, those watching their waistlines or dairy intake will be delighted: Gelato has half the fat of ice cream, and the fruit-based flavors are dairy-free. It also contains no preservatives, so it must be made fresh daily. A one-scoop cup costs $1.75, a two-scooper $2.50: Try limone (lemon), ananas (pineapple), or nocciola (hazelnut); or, if you are feeling adventurous, go for the meringhe (meringue), a flavor popular in Italy that Luca says is his hardest sell. It tastes just like the cookie. You'll like it. KENNEDY LEAVENS Bottega Italiana, 1425 First Ave. (between Union and Pike streets), 206-343-0200.

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