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    KNOTT'S IT'S NOT . . . A strange hybrid of working farm, theme park, and petting zoo, South 47 Farm features everything from live music to U-pick flowers, home-grown produce to Kettle Korn in its campaign to introduce Eastside suburbanites to the agricultural heritage of their very own Sammamish Valley. Things will be particularly lively Saturday, Aug. 18, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the intersection of Northeast 124th Street and the Woodinville-Redmond Road, with children's crafts, wagon rides, and a storyteller to keep the little ones amused while you stock up on eggs, veggies, and honey. Admission's just $2 for adults, $1 per child. FLYING FOCACCIA, BATMAN! Imagine you're a high-powered business traveler with more taste than time; what divine intervention can save you from the humiliation and saltiness of airplane peanuts? Downtown hotel restaurant Andaluca is attempting to quell the desires of globe-trotting movers and shakers with its new travel meals. Here's the deal: You order these suckers 30 minutes in advance, then pick them up at the Mayflower Hotel's front desk. Each quasi-gourmet lunch box contains a focaccia sandwich (veggie, turkey, or Black Forest ham), two desserts, a bag of chips, and a bottle of "natural spring water" (because plane water is just crawling with disease, you know). If it sounds like a hard sell, consider the price: $10 for all of the above. You can laugh if you want to, but when you're eating single-serving Oreos for dinner on your next flight to Munich, you'll wish you'd done things differently. SUCCULENT SYLLABUS Class catalogs don't often deserve the coffee-table treatment, but Sur la Table's fall cooking-class brochure makes for almost stand-alone reading. Redesigned for ease of use, Surly's 24-page rundown of nearly 100 classes taught by local chefs and touring celebrities is mostly printed in full color and highlights classes where students get hands-on experience (look for the little rolling pin symbol). The biggest change, though, doesn't show up in print. In the past, aspiring students were forced to wait for a particular day and hour before calling Surly's toll-free registration line. This year, sign-up is wide open, so as soon as you spot a class you want to take, call 1-866-328-5412, but be sure to read the small print before calling: A number of the featured star chefs, among them patissier Nick Malgieri and Mediterranean maven Joanne Weir, won't be hitting Kirkland this time around. But cheer up: America's Test Kitchen host Christopher Kimball and his bow tie will be dropping by (on Oct. 24), and perennial favorite Joyce Goldstein will be as close as Portland (Sept. 18). BYOB = $0 If you think your wine cellar's better stocked than the one at Brasa, sommelier Bryan Hill accepts your challenge: Every Thursday, you can bring all the wine you like to dinner at the dashing Third Avenue boƮte he runs with chef Tamara Murphy and he'll waive Brasa's usual $15-per-bottle "corkage," charged by most fine restaurants to cover the cost of washing glassware, napery, etc. when customers bring their own. And not even curl his lip at your choice. Specially if you offer him a sip of your good stuff.

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