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An old-fashioned, uncomplicated tearjerker with charm to spare. Set in a military hospital on the Burma front during World War II, John Patrick's play plumbs its chosen conundrum with all the atavistic morality of a situation comedy: To whit, if a misanthropic Scot is dying, do you tell him, or just make nice? The script oozes a single-minded sentimentality, yet snappy banter and a sort of pre-psychobabble purity of intention keep it well this side of treacly. The performances in ReAct's production are universally excellent, especially Angela DiMarco (above) as Sister Margaret, whose nursey ministrations would give an amputated limb Nightingale syndrome. Bathhouse Theater, 7312 W. Greenlake Dr. N., 206-364-3283 or 206-325-6500. $6-$12. 8 p.m. Fri.-Sat.; 2 p.m. Sun. Ends Sun. Aug. 31. RICK LEVIN


Pablo Cornejo has a unique perspective on modern dance, combining the emotional expressiveness of his Latin American heritage with the athletic fluidity of contemporary post-modern technique. His upcoming show, Trace Elements, explores this visceral combination through works inspired by Octavio Paz and Pablo Neruda, featuring company members Chalie Livingston, Pamela Gregory (above), Jeff Curtis, and partner Paige Barnes. Get a sneak peek at a lecture-demonstration facilitated by Michelle Miller. Open Flight Studio, 4205 University Way N.E., 206-632-0067. Free. 3 p.m. Sat. Aug. 23. SANDRA KURTZ

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