Solid Gold: Re-Bar

If ever there was an oldie but goodie, it's Re-bar. While other Seattle nightspots attempt to lure the city's nouveau cosmo crowd with glossy fronts and pricey cocktails, Re-bar's got a faithful following hooked because the clubalong with its ownersis all heart. The venue has nurtured some of Seattle's edgier performing talents, from Northwest drag kings to the off-off-off Broadway version of Hedwig and the Angry Inch. Re-bar also hosts a handful of the city's more enjoyable dance nights, including the now once-a-month Pho Bang, a drag queen/punk rock boogie bash featuring Jackie Hell and the Control Tops, Ursula and the Androids, a DJ for your dancing pleasure, and a local or touring rock band of the, um, "ladies"' choosing. 1114 Howell Ave., 206-233-9873.

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